POV: The Russians are Invading My Home - 800 Player Airsoft / 40 Hour Military Simulation! - nzwargamer.net

POV: The Russians are Invading My Home – 800 Player Airsoft / 40 Hour Military Simulation!

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The MSW Guardian Center LMG Mayhem Experience! – 800 Player Airsoft / 40 Hour Milsim

Day / Night Airsoft Gameplay + Funny Moments From Milsim West Guardian Center Game 2021

Founded in 2012 MilSim West is a national level war-games event that offers a 40 hour experience with combat veterans as cadre. integrating current and prior-service military members into the players chain of command to give participants a truly unique and exciting milsim experience not found anywhere else.

The Guardian Center is a state of the art facility, normally used for various types of First responder/ military/ law enforcement, disaster training featuring over 830 Acres of dynamic environments ranging simulated subway tunnels, crashed buildings, multi story buildings, simulated flood planes and much more!

Location- Guardian Centers – Training Facility- Perry Georgia – United States of America

Event Host – Milsimwest

Great Recent Video About Milsim West From Vice News If your looking to know more

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  1. How in the avocado frick did they get an apc lol

  2. ณดิร ภูวันเพ็ญ says:

    🇷🇺vs 🇺🇸 bruh

  3. Pov: America goes to war.
    Every airsoft player: 😎

  4. Может скажем им что если русские вторгнуться то им пиздец?

  5. I'm sorry if Russians are actually invading ur home I just am new so I don't now if ur from ukrain

  6. Ахахахахаха… очень смешно, да ты прям шутник (драмотичное хлопание)

  7. So has some people got blanks or what's making the banging?

  8. This video is probably a calling card for me to try out airsoft. Props on the ODST music dude!

  9. greetings from Russian persons

  10. 04:50 Can you go to those events in an ODST armor? Cause that be awesome to see!

  11. 2:12 that guy running had me deaddd🤣🤣🤣💀💀💀💀💀 somebody needs to tell me the name of that meme


  13. Irmã nesse vídeo aí é só de militar é

  14. Never played airsoft in my life or even shot a airsoft gun. Own 8 real guns 😂. Dude I fking wanna do this!!! How do I sign up?

  15. Bro this field looks like the most lit field I have seen in airsoft and I have been playing/watching airsoft for years. Since 2001 when I was a kid. Absolutely amazing footage and action packed . You are changing the airsoft war videos. That pledge was so fire. 4:10

  16. @2:15 " Gay Frogs are REAL!!!!! "

    How many other times during this game was Alex Jones right?!?!

  17. Why are your fighting a military with arsoft🤨💀

  18. Do you have to hump around a weeks worth of food too, or do they feed you?

  19. So because Masha put people up to invading my home privacy, I'm supposed to just take it? Masha isn't the police if that's what this recommended video means. I declare that I'm innocent and just because Masha or anyone might nit believe that doesn't give Masha tge right to have people use cameras to watch inside of my home.
    I always wondered how Masha knew about my private home life even back in my old house.
    So if it's true and Masha is in fact putting people up to using cameras 6o watch inside my home, I want a full investigation. This is criminal activity and because Masha isn't an authority figure she has no right in watching inside my home and neither do my neighbors or anyone else.
    I want an intensive legal investigation launched immediately. Masha might act like a cop, but she's not one and neither is stalker Sam next door and neither is that Kim person either.
    Even the police need a warrant to take this kind of action against someone.
    I want a legal investigation because that Sam guy stalked me at Maplewood Mall the other day and I feel threatened because of the gun and tank on this video.
    I want this investigated immediately.

  20. The choice of the ODST soundtrack is PEAK 👌

  21. Russians in the APC be like: “BLYET! GRENADE!”

  22. Relatable🙃🥲
    Edited: Damn it you guys even made a "БТР" (Or how you american people call it "Armored Personal Carrier")

  23. faeryfdibfuuydr got lazy after trying to type fortnygttdtf

  24. Sadly now rusians invading my home for real ;-; But Vid is good!

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