Predicting Every God of War Game That's Coming Out in the Future -

Predicting Every God of War Game That’s Coming Out in the Future

Kaptain Kuba
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I’ve dedicated this channel to spoiling the story of the next God of War game but now I’m going to ruin your day by predicting the entire God of War series. That’s right! in this video, I’ll go over the order in which I believe Sony will release future God of War games….and yes, I’m probably wrong.


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  1. Well what kind of story can God of War Fimbulwinter tell? They still need to explain Jormungadr getting born and fighting in Ragnarök.

  2. Dear kaptain Kuba perhaps they go to the primordial gods of Greece as how wrath of the primordials starts how uranus came to power or they goes to the chaos father of the uranus and his story they also tell chaos avenge odin by the death of odin

  3. I definitely believe that Kratos will die (for good) at the end of Ragnarok, and Atreus will become the new protagonist in a trilogy set in Egypt (an open world setting is pretty interesting:).

  4. How are you not currently writing for Santa Monica Studios, they should have hired you by now! But that would mean you'd have to adjust your approach to this channel, which I'm sure is not something you want to mess with. You do play a big role in keeping us all informed and engaged in the GOWU!

  5. Does anyone think that the Golden Hand was King Midas?

  6. I really hope they space the games out more though. I want to spend more of my life obsessing over this series if they’re all going to have the quality of god of war 4. It was a master piece

  7. I don’t really think we have to worry about god of war not selling enough enough like ever again lol

  8. We played pirate cd of God of war 1and 2 in ps2

  9. As long as netflix doesn't make the show or movie, they will screw it up like they do everything else

  10. Egypt was actually planed for 2018 but Assassin's Creed Origins happend.

  11. I think whatever the end of gow ragnarok will be when beat the final boss Atreus will look up and say
    "Father look the sun and moon have stopped skull and hati have caught each other"

    Kratos:Atreus ready yourself Ragnarok is Apon us"
    Credits roll and then secret cutscene

  12. What you think about this prediction now ? 😄Great videos, brother! Keep it going 🔥

  13. they are so many pantheons kratos can slaughter, greek and norse are just the more known ones, but if they really wanted to make more sequels they can keep doing that for years and not run out, i like to think that the final god of war game is where you kill God from The Abrahamic religions (which would most likely be controversial but meh), you can make him go through hell and then heaven

  14. I do think it would be better if they had one more game before ragnarock but now the new game is the last

  15. Wow you were wrong lol 😂I will say you might be on to something with your prediction of the GOW 1 as Sony just got blue point which are the masters of remakes/ remaster

  16. Sorry but glad you were wrong, i'm happy they're doing it all in one game but i hope the story dosen't feel rushed

  17. So he’s in the past to go to war of all the Pantheon

  18. Your theory sucks man. Fimbulwinter as part 2 really?

  19. We're getting none of these besides ragnarok and God of war Thebes

  20. Man imagine they make God of War movies or tv series, somewhat influenced by the Witcher on netflix if you know what I mean ?

  21. @Kaptain Kuba Unfortunately i think kratos will die and that would be a big negative impact.
    I think Sony is going to be slowly dropping Gow and we wont be getting kratos in egypt or japan etc.

  22. Aaaaand Santa Monica shot this prediction dead. Who knew Rag would be next and end of the Norse series, seems early but maybe it will cover a lot more than we expect or not nearly enough. Either way I hope it can do as good if not better than 2018

  23. My theory ever since the reveal of God of War Ragnarök is this. Ragnarök has been said to be the last of the norse games so it would most likely end with you killing Thor or even killing Odin and the game will unlock svartalfheim (shown in the trailer) Asgard and maybe Vanaheim. Kratos and Loki and maybe Angrboða will travel and end up in egypt where they will meet and fight the gods there but i also may think throughout the story we may even to to other myths as japanese and chinese mythology was confirmed to exist as well and i think that will be the last game.

  24. Just heard that these titles are on PS4 and PS5 These titles are very important to people to have them on both consoles there are still a lot of people who can’t afford PS 5 Right now PS4 is easier to get and less buggy What option do you think would be the best for you

  25. All the data does predictions meaning that I don’t know what they’ll come out on first but I hope they will be both a PS4 and PS5

  26. I think it's official name is called gow Ragnarok now

  27. hahaha, watching this over a year after it was posted is just WOW, lol. it's cool but wayyyy off. like, super off the mark lol

  28. So next game could come 2025 teaser trailer god of war game in state of play

  29. Seeing this after ragnrok came out really is funny you saw everything coming you just thought it would be in 10 games idk why but it’s was just a 30hr main story

  30. I would like next game like, Fast and Furious: Tokyo Drift, Total different characters with different story but within same universe and at the end it should introduce it to Kratos…

    That would be nice meshup and can be done more story lines in different directions

  31. Ummm why did you make this video? Shortly after the release of the first game the said it was a 2 part series in the Norse mythology

  32. Ragnarok came out so egypt would be cool for next

  33. After playing God of War Ragnarök, these old videos of his make me cringe.

  34. i dont know because santa monica dont seem to want to do another god of war at the minute and it takes 5 years of development so im worried we wont see a new god of war until 2030s

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