PS1: Wargames: Defcon 1 (HD / 60fps) -

PS1: Wargames: Defcon 1 (HD / 60fps)

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A great game on ps1. Also has co-op mode and vs multiplayer maps. i start with the NORAD missions before going on to W.O.P.R.

NORAD: 00:01:17
W.O.P.R: 01:56:10


  1. i remember this game. i actuly played it before watching the movie and was surprised when i learned that it has nothing in common apart from being a game based on war XD

  2. швослмашо вшсоащуосш says:

    обожаю эту игрц

  3. Man being poor I was playing this game in like 2005 on my ps2 was like 6 years old and although I didn’t know what to do it was so much fun ah good times

  4. The invisible tank glitch is what i remember from this

  5. Das Spiel ist der absolute Hammer pure Nostalgie gibt es eigentlich ein Spiel was ähnlich ist für die PS4

  6. I just realised after many years. The laser tank is a Leman Russ from warhammer 40k 😀
    Nowadays I play a lot of Dawn of War and that came to me now. A lascannon Leman. 😀

  7. Who is watching this in 2019?haha

  8. I don't know why I liked this game back then and I miss it now my brother didn't like this game until he played it with me then we spend a good amount of time beating the game both sides but why 😂

  9. I splitscreened this game with my friend about 20 years ago. damn

  10. I even didnt know . So big different between PC and Ps1 version. I played only PS1 and its great cooperative game, its more like action, PC's version is RTS.

  11. This is THE game that needs to be remade, long with Future Cop LAPD

  12. I had so much fun with the vs multiplayer mode back then. Tons of good times of playtime with my fellas.

  13. Been playing this on ps3 again other day 👍

  14. me and my cousins played the hell out of this game! spent so many hours playing this. Very entertaining

  15. Is it me, or are soldiers in 1:53:50 look like US Colonial Marines from Aliens franchise.

  16. A great soundtrack. I like its instrumentation sounding similar to what a contemporaneous movie soundtrack of the day to the War Games movie might have sounded like.
    As for instilling a tone, a feeling, I rank it as high as the background music for the Command & Conquer: Red Alert titles (NTSC-U/C) on PS1. 👍

  17. The game was so hard until i found that spamming the missile button and going forward and backwards at the same time was simply doing great stuff..

  18. I would love to see a remaster or a sequel. I played this game relentlessly as a kid.

  19. All that time in this Game 😀 One of the best for PSX

  20. Whoa this bring back memories. I use to play this with my older brother and would panic as the defcon levels changed during gameplay lol

  21. I like the idea that we are from different countries and we had the same experience when we were children. This is really cool!

  22. I really really wish this game got a remake…me and my broyher played this game non stop when he bought it like 6 years ago.

  23. 6:10 isnt that the repair station ? you didn't have to destroy that.

  24. all right buddy? I would like to know which emulator you use to play, I'm using pSX v1.13 but I see that some information is missing when emulating it, mine doesn't show the minimap and statistics for my current vehicle, is it an emulator problem?

  25. Idk what happens when u go DEFCON 1,but im surely i know what that Red Color Defcon 1 means, so i just end it quick

  26. 10/29/2020 thank you is 03:41AM, I miss this game and the memories. I almost cry 😭. Getting old .

  27. This Game Is So Awesome
    Greetings From Germany

  28. How do I download war games for PC compressed file?

  29. Wooooow I was looking for this best childhood game for many years

  30. OMG, mixed emotions because at the time i played this amazing game, i'd catechesis class on Saturdays and i had to read the book, that book you know, and those classes were a bad experience, nasty people around, plus the creepy tales of that book.. I was scared. The finally at home, the glory, Playstation, and this game, is what made me feel happy, so when i hear the awesome OST, classical music, war/military music, i cant help remember that mixed emotions days. Very very good.

  31. Joguei na infância até os olhos sangrarem

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