PS1: Wargames: Defcon 1 (HD / 60fps) -

PS1: Wargames: Defcon 1 (HD / 60fps)

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A great game on ps1. Also has co-op mode and vs multiplayer maps. i start with the NORAD missions before going on to W.O.P.R.

NORAD: 00:01:17
W.O.P.R: 01:56:10


  1. Joguei na infância até os olhos sangrarem

  2. OMG, mixed emotions because at the time i played this amazing game, i'd catechesis class on Saturdays and i had to read the book, that book you know, and those classes were a bad experience, nasty people around, plus the creepy tales of that book.. I was scared. The finally at home, the glory, Playstation, and this game, is what made me feel happy, so when i hear the awesome OST, classical music, war/military music, i cant help remember that mixed emotions days. Very very good.

  3. Wooooow I was looking for this best childhood game for many years

  4. How do I download war games for PC compressed file?

  5. This Game Is So Awesome
    Greetings From Germany

  6. 10/29/2020 thank you is 03:41AM, I miss this game and the memories. I almost cry 😭. Getting old .

  7. Idk what happens when u go DEFCON 1,but im surely i know what that Red Color Defcon 1 means, so i just end it quick

  8. all right buddy? I would like to know which emulator you use to play, I'm using pSX v1.13 but I see that some information is missing when emulating it, mine doesn't show the minimap and statistics for my current vehicle, is it an emulator problem?

  9. 6:10 isnt that the repair station ? you didn't have to destroy that.

  10. I really really wish this game got a remake…me and my broyher played this game non stop when he bought it like 6 years ago.

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