(PS5) BATTLE OF MIDWAY | Ultra Realistic Graphics Gameplay [4K 60FPS HDR] Call of Duty - nzwargamer.net

(PS5) BATTLE OF MIDWAY | Ultra Realistic Graphics Gameplay [4K 60FPS HDR] Call of Duty

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(PS5) BATTLE OF MIDWAY | Ultra Realistic Graphics Gameplay [4K 60FPS HDR] Call of Duty

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All the video was played and recorded in 4K HDR 2160p,
YouTube takes time to process 4K HDR, Be Patient.

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  1. If only they had infinite ammo on the planes for battle back then. 😂😂

  2. Worst flying I've ever seen lord, looks like you're using your feet on the sticks

  3. "$10 says I down more Zeroes than you, Jackson," something a dive bomber pilot would say, because after all, the primary function of a dive bomber is to fight enemy aircraft.

  4. I like how the game just shows Kaga exploded with one bomb, while in truth it wasn't like this.

  5. I really doubt people were joking that much during this actual fight.

  6. This was a flop of a game. So much potential. Wasted on a ridiculous storyline. 😒

  7. I'm either looking at a terrible game or a terrible gamer. Probably both.

  8. Too much Spanish. Not authentic in the slightest.

  9. I refuse to call this game realistic even if it meant for the graphic

  10. As a confirmed WWII ace, I can confirm that the best tactic when flying in Flak was to fly steady and straight. Those gunners could not predict your heading for the next shot.

  11. Sounds like they were having a fun training run until oops they weren't expecting zeros!

  12. Просто слово в слово повторили миссию с самолётом из батлы 3. Собственно, научились только графоний рисовать, а остальное – разучились. Потенция.

  13. Ive seen kids shoot better than that. this is just painful to watch

  14. I had to give you a 'thumbs down' dislike for your shameless promotion of a video game that conditions the small human brain to go numb when violent content is downloaded into it from addictive technology. You are part of the problem not the solution. Humanity is a race of short-lived, intellectually stunted, genetically compromised, emotionally unstable, disease ridden, ethically challenged, morally ambivalent, irrationally fearful, non-critically thinking, unquestioningly obedient to authority, bi-pedal hybrid beings whose sole purpose for existing seems……pointless. That so many of us CHOOSE to play games that simulate the mass murder of our own kind and the utter destruction of our world says all anyone needs to know about us. Our entire history as far back as anyone can remember is a sad story of near constant conflict and war mongering. When we are not at war we're thinking about or preparing to go to war. We select the absolute worst among us as representatives on the national and world stages. These 2 party political puppets of the wealthy ruling elite are paid handsomely to screw over their constituents, taxing them into a life of constant financial debt, keeping us divided and weak by promoting discord on social issues, and maintaining a status quo that will inevitably lead to more suffering, more death and more destruction. Ordinarily in circumstances such as these I would appeal to your sense of decency but if you are into promoting violent and addictive technology and gaming, that would be a waste of time. Humanity is circling the drain here, a condition that is clear to everyone everywhere. World War III may actually happen in my lifetime and if it does I will bear witness to yet another pointless and violent purge of our civilization. There is no God to intervene and save us from ourselves, we are on our own today as we have always been. Religion is a scam perpetrated on the weak-minded, acting as a buffer between the wealthy ruling elite and the ignorant masses they loathe and fear. Religion urges us to 'forgive' our oppressors rather than rise up against them. Stop pushing death and destruction as if it were a 'blue light special' at K-Mart and try, really try to get out and enjoy the beauty of nature before its bombed into oblivion.

  15. I'm so confused. Which call of duty game is this? So many, and almost with the same names. Trying to buy the one with LIBERATION on the PS5. Does it have 4K graphics option?

  16. jesus they had no reason to dogfight that close to enemy gunships and carriers. keeping his cockpit open the entire flight almost just makes me cringe especially when he clibs up really high into a literal thunderstorm. the ammo reloading i can understand from an arcade shooter and i like how they used the levers on the side which is mainly used to clear jamming's as a way to reload instead of waiting for your ammo to replenish with no animation. but as someone who loves ww2 aviation this just kills me inside especially the amount of gunfire you can take and casually bouncing off each other. what's even worse is diving so damn close to drop the bomb accurately to the point the fire/wood/shrapnel would completely destroy the aircraft.


  18. i never realized how aggravating an open canopy is until now, imagine if one shred of shrapnel whizzed against you or went into you lol

  19. This…. is legit the most generic fucking war shit I've ever seen in my life.

  20. maybe i'm just getting old, but the idea of Dauntless Dive Bombers dog fighting Zeros on the deck is just Ludicrous to me….

  21. Why bother leading your target when spraying bullets all over the sky works just as well. 😂

  22. There should be an option to make it ultra real (instant death on collision, limited ammo). Watching the gameplay with disgusting amounts of "plot armor" is quite a turn off.

  23. А теперь попросите гайдзинов показать, как выглядит настоящий воздушный бой

  24. This looks amazing, when and if we get it on PC it will be so amazing to play it and feature on my channel!

  25. Ярослав К. Желобицький says:

    Вітаю, дякую, здоров'я, благословінь, миру ❤

  26. Muricans are so fearless… they managed to survived in that mission! sheeeshh!!

  27. warthunder players be like: average beginner dogfighting skills
    CoD: collides with a plane mid air but still survives

  28. so that they do not win in the American game

  29. The battle of midway was not fought by Latino pilots. Wtf was that? More woke nonsense that juts hates our real history and ignores the real heroes.

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