(PS5) BATTLE OF MIDWAY | Ultra Realistic Graphics Gameplay [4K 60FPS HDR] Call of Duty - nzwargamer.net

(PS5) BATTLE OF MIDWAY | Ultra Realistic Graphics Gameplay [4K 60FPS HDR] Call of Duty

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(PS5) BATTLE OF MIDWAY | Ultra Realistic Graphics Gameplay [4K 60FPS HDR] Call of Duty

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All the video was played and recorded in 4K HDR 2160p,
YouTube takes time to process 4K HDR, Be Patient.

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  1. Beginning part really reminded me of Battlefield 3.

  2. Even though it's not the most realistic you gotta be honest, it looks fkn good. But yea, why tf didn't he close the cockpit☠️

  3. Playstation games are just story simulation like cod campaign

  4. yeh definitely 100% real and authentic especially bumping off each other. in real life you can bump in to another plane and you will see red for a minute

  5. Truly indistinguishable from reality. The world will never be the same

  6. All guys complaining about cod not being realistic….really? Yeah, dummy, it's an arcade game. Not Combat Fight Simulator. Get a life. Most people don't want to pilot ships with ammo that lasts less than 30 seconds TOTAL as was the case in WW2. Funny that no one complained how arcadey aerial combat was in battlefield 1942, 2, vietnam….etc. Quite the contrary: people had a blast. These types of games are not supposed to be simulators.

  7. This game would be extremely realistic and fun if there was no music during the game and with a 3rd person mode.
    Do you agree?

  8. As someone who was a pilot during WW2, I can confirm that we're not running out of fuel and bullet

  9. Gotta love the 65 y/o man playthrough, impeccable reaction time lmao jkjk

  10. WW2 já está saturada os governantes das superpotencias já planeja WW3 para gerar conteúdo.
    Mas estamos a menos de um século para grande revelação.

  11. If it's "ultra realistic", then why do all the people still look like they are clay figures made for stop motion animation?

  12. Мне кажется пафос и наигранность делает эти игры не реалистичными, а даже не графика

  13. I love the X wing blowing up sounds when the zeroes blow up randomly lmfao

  14. I was slightly hooked until the plane bumped into another plane and was completely fine apart from a red screen.

  15. as someone who knows the tiniest bit about what really happened at Midway, this is painful to watch. I'm glad it's fun (and it looks good as hell) but please don't treat this as a history lesson.

  16. Bro turning off HDR in my phone the video is completely different…😮

  17. The dialogue’s really cheesy, but otherwise a cool looking game

  18. this game has the cringiest flying ive seen in a game

  19. Not a convenient joystick on ps5, how to play shooters with a joystick? It is necessary to love I am LGBT and black))

  20. As someone who's never even been in a plane, I can tell this is absolutely dog shit.

  21. i want a game about fliying in pacific with a story and characters like Pacific Strike

  22. unrealistic boat combat was fine, but this is too arcady, its like afterburner on the ps5 but youre invincible

  23. That was the worst pilot I’ve ever seen, Captain Jack Sparrow!

  24. CoD is now eaven more of a Joke to me.
    Never bought a game since MW2 (the old one) and Bo2
    and never will buy another Cod

  25. pretty graphics don't make up for stupid theatrics. I just watched a crewman prop-start a 1000+hp 30 liter radial engine. Wrong world war..

  26. i dont know why but i keot pressing wsad whilie i was watching the video

  27. as a very well placed head of the German supreme state of the 2nd world wars, with a small mustache and a questionable haircut. I can tell you that these combat aircraft are impressively effective.

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