(PS5) Camouflage Sniping Mission | Realistic Immersive ULTRA Graphics Gameplay[4K60FPSHDR]CallofDuty - nzwargamer.net

(PS5) Camouflage Sniping Mission | Realistic Immersive ULTRA Graphics Gameplay[4K60FPSHDR]CallofDuty

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(PS5) Tactical Camouflage Sniping | Realistic Immersive ULTRA Graphics Gameplay [4K 60FPS HDR] Call of Duty

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▶All the gameplay and video were played, recorded, and edited by me in 4K HDR 2160p, YouTube takes time to process 4K HDR, Be Patient.

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  1. damn, thought my lil brother's shooting was bad.

  2. Subscribe for gameplay videos❤😊

  3. Why did he reload after firing just one bullet

  4. Impossible to see anything on youtube, ppl want to live on YT expenses…pub all the time

  5. Bro, you can do better than that. You need to be a little bit more patient

  6. لو تلاحظوا حاطين باخر مجموعة بتم الاشتباك معهم لغة عربية و اظن اللهجة السورية ما بعرف شو بقصدوا بهاي الاضافة

  7. Water isn't moving when they crawl graphics could have been better.

  8. Needs more Robbaz sniper shotgun (viking technology).

  9. Group of soldiers? Putting on a costume does not a soldier make.

  10. The word of truth is that there is no god but God, so the truth remains and does not change

  11. Прорисовка хорошая, но физика слабая. Это всё таки уже пятая версия, но почему проползая над водой вода остается неподвижной, почему проползая над грязью нет следов на жидкой грязи? Очень плохо, очень плохо. На те деньги что имеет компания уже давно можно было выпустить реальный автар 8D

  12. Demi Lavoto prefers semi auto

  13. It’s this a game ? What’s the name of this game

  14. Which game is this? It looks so effing good😳

  15. Still wondering why you guys always sprays down the ammo, why dont use the ammo wisely just like aim on the head

  16. From Pakistan watching in 720p and video is lagging after every 10sec. By the way enjoying the game like playing by myself.

  17. Well its ps5 so its not really ultra graphics

  18. อื่มทำไหมนาย ไม่สำรวจที่อื่นๆเยอะๆ ทำไหมทำตามแต่เกม ไม่รอเดินออกสำรวจหน่อยเหรอ?

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