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Putin’s Ukraine War Games

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In an attempt to regain territory formerly held by the old Soviet Union and/or extract concessions from NATO, Putin currently has Ukraine surrounded with Russian soldiers and weaponry. What does his chart say?


  1. Lives lost over his evil ego. I'm praying there is no war.

  2. Thank you, can hardly wait to see Biden's chart.

  3. Wow. I trust you on this! If only Putin (or Drumpf) would have consulted with you before they do stupid things. You absolutely know of what you say. Thanks again for giving us all your knowledge of astrology!

  4. Thank you for explaining events in a manner that we can all comprehend.

  5. Cant wait for the next video!! Such suspense …

  6. I hope Putin, the richest man on Earth, loses his fortune while he is still alive. Putin and the oligarchs have stolen the Russian people's money. Andre, do you see the Russian people ever getting this money back? Thank you.

  7. Thank You For This Information Putin Is A Twin To Dum Trump Boy They Broke The Dame Mole 🙄 and 🤔🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮😬😡😡😡😈👹👺😈👿💩💩💩

  8. Others have speculated early March will be when he gets full force. Is that what you see too? I hope this can be avoided but after I saw the kindergarten that got shelled, I now think it's on already.

  9. Fascinating! Andre you make this all so understandable. Thank you for your time!

  10. Thank you Andre. I enjoyed seeing you with
    Linda the other day too.

  11. 🖐♥️🏜 Thanks Andre! I look forward to seeing your comparison between Purin's and Biden's charts!

  12. I feel like Putin army will fall just like the Russian skate girl fell down in the games .

  13. THANK YOU for all your good beautiful work. 👏👏👏👏👏👍I do appreciate it.😊

  14. You don’t use Pluto? USA is aspecting its natal Pluto now. It’s squared some of Putin’s Libra planets.

  15. It is my understanding that Putin filed a complaint with the United Nations accusing the United States of some awful thing! Will have to see what happens there too.

  16. Thank you for keeping us posted. I look forward to the next one. Could you please put your information in the dropbox about your readings. Thank you

  17. Hi Andre, off topic, but some time ago you were trying to find the birthday for Halyna Hutchins (the woman shot on the alec baldwin filmset). I had asked a family member living in portugal that knew her and I just heard back. No time and not exact place, sorry, but the info I received was 'born april 10th 1979 in a tiny town in Ukraine'. Hope that is somewhat helpful to you.

  18. I hope they all have their own personal Astrologers to hold them back from irrational behavior.

  19. Appreciate the plainly speaking….lying thru his teeth. 👍👍

  20. you mean pooptin is still alive come summer? drat!

  21. Putin is a cold blood killer. The fact that technology nowadays is so advanced, the world can watch his every move via satellite and intelligent information, forcing him to do more calculations before moving his plan ahead.

  22. Can’t wait for the next video……. Thank you Andre

  23. Very good analysis. But I wonder if this is really Putin's natal chart. It's been speculated that as former KGB, he would put out misinformation on his birth date and time so that his enemies couldn't get that advantage over him. His chart on astro.com gets a DD rating. Given that's all we have, it's the only analysis that can be made so it's certainly worthwhile to go with it. But maybe with a grain of salt. Thanks much for your analysis, Andre. It certainly seems to be a miscalculation on his part, and will come back to bite him, unfortunately with much needless suffering inflicted on Ukrainians in particular as well as the rest of the world.

  24. 👏💫🙏💫👏❤️thank you Andre👏🙏👏

  25. Relistening. All the challenges to Libra..where is balance??? I feel Biden is balanced, experienced and can be subtle. Await next one. I hope sanctions impact Putin more than the Russian people and I feel them also tired of him. Spin on Vlad. You are not a popular man and we see you, destroyer you may be. We want peace

  26. More than 190,000 russian troops now on the border ready to invade Ukraine, medical stations and logistics now fully complete.

  27. I would love to see what astrology says about the Kamila Vileva debacle and the Russian doping fiasco.

  28. Thank you André. See you in part 2. Bisous de la France

  29. Your delineations are always so fascinating. Thank you, Andre.

  30. Thanks Adam Andre ❤️✌️✌️🇺🇸🙌

  31. Thank you for this great video. I would never have seen the negative side of all of Putin's Libra planets, even though they are in his 12th house. Actually, I always think of Putin as a (completely negative) Scorpio person. Plus, you were crystal clear on the interpretation of the inconjunct aspects of Jupiter (now). & of Saturn (next year). It is always difficult for me to determine how problematic inconjunct aspects can be. But as you always say: "it couldn't happen to a nicer guy." What amazes me is why Putin didn't pull this while ConDon was POTUS, b/c ConDon would have let Putin do as he pleased & would def not have rallied NATO nations in any way, shape, or form.

  32. Thank you again André. What can I say! you are so amazing and so easy to listen to. From Ontario, Canada

  33. Wonderful explanation, thankyou…..New Zealand

  34. Hello, do you use the equal house system ?
    Also, im not sure Biden is the counterpart. Most likely the Ukrainan ruler(or URanian ?- interesting similitude).
    Could you compare the charts of the start of WW2 with the start of this Ukrainian invasion ? There are so many cyclical similitudes, would love to see your analysis – See Uranus in Taurus, mars opposite /conjunct Pluto in late degrees of cap , sun – Neptune on pisces-Virgo axis etc….

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