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Putin’s Ukraine War Games

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In an attempt to regain territory formerly held by the old Soviet Union and/or extract concessions from NATO, Putin currently has Ukraine surrounded with Russian soldiers and weaponry. What does his chart say?


  1. Not sure I would believe.that this is Putin's real birth date let alone birth time.

  2. Present. Heard today he has occultists at his side. 🙏🏽 To me obviously unable to see a bigger picture. Yes!!! Same school. Djt and Putin transnational crime. Jan 6 for example.

  3. It seems to be a STUPID TREND that both POO 💩 TON & 45 HAVE SO MUCH HATE. They both have nothing else to do. SMH.. but I still believe in KARMA!!.. THIS IS THE YEAR OF LOS PENDEJADAS..( excuse my French)..TY FOR THE VIDEOS 💖💡🤩

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