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Ragnarok Ghost Dominating War Games! | Pacific Rim Breach Wars

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Ragnarok Ghost dominates this season of War Games. His boost and increased AP makes him the perfect candidate for best pick this time around.

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  1. Should of titled the video (pretending to be doomslayer) cause he destroyed these people

  2. Finally thanks for making Pacific rim breach wars vodeo

  3. It's been so long since the last video and nice job in war games I haven't been able to battle yet 😩😩 PS raging dragon sent a hi to u

  4. GuitarRock, For me it’s best to use ghost first

  5. Sorry guitar I haven't been abled to watch your videos cause I just finished my exams. I hope I can keep up with your Pacific Rim videos.

  6. Get ready for 10,000 subscribers it kinda close

  7. What are you waiting for? Activate shock devil.

  8. I got 1400/2000 shards for Gipsy Avenger! I'm quite excited for my first 4-star, might be able to get it in the next week if I'm lucky…

  9. Is it possible you can showcase on shadows cyclone incinerator

  10. Grf i just deleted my game and i got saber athena imitely so esey i factroy black vochers😄😄😄😄😄😄😂😂😂😂

  11. Bruh they removed pacific rim breach war from play store

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