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Randy Orton Brutal Attack Rhea Ripley & McIntyre ! But Why ?

Wrestling Justice
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  1. 8:45 That was Epic & Legendary!!! 👌❤️👍
    "RKO" ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ 👌😍👍

  2. Jai shree ram Seeta Mata rani ki Jai Ho 🙏🙏

  3. مجمعين فيديو جوة فيديو على اساس احنا مغفلين

  4. ❤ DREW 💕 MCINTYRE beats jay😊!!!🎉 Thank you 🎉

  5. Cannot wait for war games tonight😈📱

  6. Boy I'll tell you what if I turn the lights off and real Ripley was in the locker room I'd be rubbing her

  7. Fake return because riddle is no longer with the WWE

  8. Where was the segment where he attacked drew and ripley

  9. That thumbnail look like ripley got the 4 most distructive letters in wwe history

  10. This is just clips of randy jey and the judgement day

  11. fan made trash quit while ur ahead and delete this garbage

  12. The fact that this video has over a million views and its CLICKBAIT means we failed as a society

  13. Randy ordonne avant que tu n'étais pas comme ça et toi tu étais fort maintenant toi là comment tu sais faire que tu trahis les gens alors que tu étais bien avec riddle tu as fait équipe avec lui mais non l'autre il t'a rien fait je vous souhaite à rien fait bon truc c'est pas ça là tu as changé on te connaît plus bon respect

  14. Como la gente se cree estas mamadas.

  15. once again some low life creator has to make crap up to get ppl to come to watch his crappy videos… SMH 🤦‍♂ 🤦‍♂

  16. Ya pasó el tiempo de Randy Orton trhu makentsr es mejor para campeon

  17. I don't know if you know this, but in wrestling when its reported that when someone was brutally attacked, it's because they went off script and someone got hurt. Your title is "Randy Orton brutally attackes Rhea Ripley". This video is click bait promoting violenc eagainst women that didn't even take place in video. Because again no one was "brutally attacked" , and I reported your video.

  18. Seeing the “revenge time” segment was poetry.

  19. bro knew what he was doing with the thumbnail. respect haha

  20. 😅my wicked mentor Orton show them how it goes. back in the armyb😂

  21. Randy just came back and he already claimed Rhea’s cheeks 😂😂😂


    26 NOVEMBER 2023 🦃

  23. LMAO! That thumbnail. This is YouTube, right? 😂

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