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Ranked God Of War #kratos #godofwar #shorts

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  1. I'm sorry, but i love God Of War .. so all are the Goat!!! The Goat!!!

  2. But what the fuck sense does this video have?

  3. Every south park game is almost on par but never bad.

  4. Are you sure one of those wasn’t what the rock would say?

  5. Una palabra para esta increíble saga EPICA.

  6. I just picked up a PSP and got Ghost of Sparta and lord why is it just SO EASY to get into???

  7. Dont tell me that GOW 4 is better than Ragnarok

  8. This genuinely killing me 🤣🤣🤣

  9. Finally someone who likes every god of war game

  10. God of war all sigma 👑👍👍👍👑👑👑👍👍👑

  11. god of war: 6/10
    god of war 2: 8/10
    god of war betrayal: 3/10
    god of war chains of olympus: 4/10
    god of war 3: 10/10
    god of war ghost of sparta: 7/10
    god of war ascension: 5/10
    god of war: 8/10
    god of war ragnorak: 9/10

  12. finally someone who doesnt hate on acension

  13. hombre de cultura, cultural ⚔️

  14. Kratos being held captive in Chains thinking about all the wrong doings he's Done

    Charlie: WOOOOOOOOOI!!!!!

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