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Ranking ALL God of War Games | Mythical Madness

Mythical Madness
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Excited to discover an epic range of mythology-themed treasures? Explore our Amazon Storefront, where we’ve curated a diverse array of enchanting finds, just for you. Click the link to start your mythical journey: In this video, we’ll be ranking the God of War games from best to worst. From start to finish, we’ll be taking a look at the series and ranking them accordingly. If you’re a fan of the God of War games, then you’ll love this video! We’ll be taking a look at each game in the series, from the classics to the recent releases, and ranking them according to our own personal opinions. So please dive in and let us know what you think!

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  1. Elisa Di Iorio - Digital Women Project says:

    For me chains of Olympus is better than ghost of Sparta

  2. I am very far from completing Ragnarök, but it feels a bit lacking when compared to the predecessor. Combat-wise, it feels different in some aspects but still very enjoyable, though I feel slightly less exciting (I miss absolutely destroying enemies by holding down triangle). Story-wise, instead, it feels much more focused on the characters than the story (so far at least, which is Vaneheim). I feel this can be tied with the players’ taste. Personally, I enjoy having a large focus on story with some good character development (practically speaking, GoW 2018), but I get that some people might enjoy more the major focus that the latter has in Ragnarök. I hope that a lot of character development happened so far in my playthrough, I’ll have some more exciting story development.
    All in all, both of the installments in the Nordic saga are very well done games without a doubt ✌🏻😎

  3. Pov: Kids don't know the diff between rating and ranking.

  4. Only bc god of war 3 is so many things and ragnarok is not so action BUT A BETTER STORY THEN THE OTHER

  5. "I just wanna talk to him"
    Loads shotgun*

  6. I genuinely love every game in the series.

  7. God of war never disappoints I can't trust you if you don't like the game 💯 😴 sleeping on your Mom

  8. I enjoyed playing all of the GOW games. They are great.

  9. Gonna get a lot of hate for this but imo God of War 1 was OK, wasn’t terrible, wasn’t Goated, just OK because there were a few things that I don’t like about it

  10. Ascension was a masterpiece and anyone that says it isn't is just a sheep that follows someone else's shit opinion. There is no "bad god of war game"


  12. Why man ascension was good

  13. It was missing two games god of war betrayal and god of war mimir's vision

  14. But for me

    Gow coo ITS ok
    Gow gos is nice
    Gow 1 perfect
    Gow 2 its the GOAT
    GOW 3 nice
    Gow 2018 ITS the dog shi-
    Gow Ragnarok iya nice

  15. does anybody even understand this is about memes?

  16. God of war 2018 was so good I'm 100% done with trophys and I still want to go back and play it.

  17. I think ragnarok > gow 2018, yeah it felt a little bit fast paced specially at the end but it did better in practically every other aspect, also the story is more 'epic' in my opinion

  18. This list is so relatable
    Heres mine:
    3.Gow 2018
    4.Gow1 (interchangeable with 2018 both are equal to me)
    5.ghost of sparta
    6.Chains of olympus

  19. if gow 3 had ragnarok’s graphics n all modern day tech stuff u wont name one game thats even half as good as it
    edit: u CANT name one

  20. GOW 2 is so underrated
    I fucking love it!

  21. Ragnarok was cool i think its perfect i had to much fun when its finished i felt bad

  22. I actually agree with Ragnarök one sometimes it sucked Balls and sometimes it was outstanding

  23. it's kinda disappointing that we waiting for thor and Kratos battle that Kratos will go out as we expected to the first battle

  24. Nah Ascension is for real underrated tho don't care what you all say but the battles where big you get insane powers interesting mechanics and the graphics pushed the ps3 to its limit

  25. Stfu boy Ragnarök was the best by far🤦🏻‍♂️

  26. GOW 2 was the most enjoyable gow game ever plus ps2 era

  27. East or west, God of war 3 is the best

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