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Ranking All Total War Games from Rome 1 to Warhammer 3

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Ranking all of the Total War Games that have come out since Rome 1 release.

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  1. If attila doesn't have performance issue it is a easy a or s

  2. Clearly M2 is placed at the top due to mods, so why didn't you do the same for the others?There are mods that make Attila,Britannia, Rome II and even Empire easily A tier. medieval II is outdated trash D tier without mods.

  3. Warhammer 3 is ranked way too low now that IE is good

  4. Hard disagree on Atilla, I think it’s an incredibly unique and atmospheric title that provides a ton of variety.

  5. BuT LeGeNd Of tOtAlWaR dId tHiS aLrEaDy!!! 11

  6. rome 2 is one of there best games, it bplays in the best time period, it has endless replayability, the fights are actually entertaining and it has the best mods out there. the launch was crap and now its the best game out until now, will see if they fix wh3, gj on you opinion

  7. Make video about Rome2 and why you don't like it so much. Because it is one of the most played total war still

  8. I never understand why people rank old games higher. They do this because of nostalgia. Nothing else.

  9. So that's what I think the rankings are, on a purely personal level of which games I enjoy playing most?

    Napoleon wins by far for me and I genuinely dislike Shogun 2. But personal preferences are something I try and not factor into this. An improved Empire Total War is still lacking in a lot of ways.

  10. It saddens me how much I don't particularly enjoy Shogun 2 anymore. I've been spoiled by the QoL features of the WH games. The last time I went back to try Shogun 2 it just felt clunky. That game is what really got me into the franchise. End game armies, particularly in Fall of the Samurai, I think created the most kickass field battles the franchise has ever seen, even to this day including the WH games. Lines of gatling guns, armstrong canons, and republican guard infantry with United States marines all backed up by naval bombardments… It was visceral and satisfying as all hell to unleash that kind of fire power, and even Skaven weapon teams stacks dont ilicit that same vibe. I really just wish the campaign map didnt feel so outdated. I want to love that game as much as I used to.

  11. Shogun 2 is the very first TW I played and will forever be my favourite despite all its flaws and repetitiveness due to lack of factions diversity 🙂

  12. I know Rome 2 is deeply flawed, but I think your point that you can no longer play through a campaign while winning every battle is a positive not a negative. Winning every battle is boring

  13. Thanks for the tier-list. I wholeheartedly disagree however, as I think you've placed entries where they would rank in their release year. If a new total war player came across this tier list, they won't come away with the truth. Which is that they would likely enjoy TWWH2 way more than Rome 1 or med 2. As well as they have aged, and as iconic as they are, they don't compare in terms of content, variety, depth, polish and lore.

  14. I play TTW since 3 kingdoms, I enjoyed every single game since then (troya for example), but I did not enjoyed a game before it, shogun foe example, i cannot se enemy stats, I cannot group control single units, and so on.

  15. Actually I never undestood the Rome2 hate. I really enjoy the game, the battels and the whole campaign. Maybe one of my favorite games of all time

  16. Medieval 2 is the best because mods.

    TW3K should be at least B-tier. The campaign map improvements were revolutionary for the Total War franchise. The player dropoff was due to the lack of battle diversity, poor DLC strategy, the normal pre-Warhammer life cycle, and even politics.

  17. Rome 2 was my first total war game and I thoroughly enjoyed it. It got me into the series. From my perspective it was a great game. But I understand how people who are TW veterans feel about it

  18. Hard disagree on a lot of stuff here. Medieval 2 it's the most overestimated tw. It was a mess with many bugs and the best part of it was the amount of exceptional mods, but the vanilla med2 was absolutely meh, or at least not S tier. Troy and Attila are criminally underrated. I'm not the biggest fan of three kingdoms because i know nothing about Chinese history and ancient Chinese culture, but mechanically and technically it's an incredible game and don't deserve a low place in a tier list imo.

  19. I think the vortex and the realm of chaos campaigns are worth a play or maybe two but they are not diverse enough and forces you on a path too much to replay without mods.

  20. sorry, but i can't agree with your list

  21. twwh2 was so good imo that i just can't play any other tw anymore besides now twwh3. and this isn't just me either but a ton off people. it had more players than any tw releases that came after it and ironed out alot off issues game one had. medieval should be lower and twwh2 should be s-tier in my opinion. people only value medieval 2 so much because off nostalgia and all the mods eventho the basegame wasn't all that great.

  22. TW:W3 is habds down the best in my opinion purely based on variety and just the amount of stuff you can do, especially now in Immortal Empires game mode.

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