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Ranking Every Gears of War Game!

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  1. Gears 5 is the best gameplay wise in versus, horde, escape content in general. It’s a masterpiece. I have yet to play the first mission. So obviously story stopped mattering after 3. But that’s with most games now.

  2. I was honestly loving GOW:UE, thought it was very nice how they remastered the first game, I had LITERALLY ONLY 1 issue.

    They made it so you can’t Roadie Run Indefinitely, which makes sense from a balancing standpoint, but when it Gomes to Gears Games, I’m strictly a campaign player. Multiplayer has too many people that know what they’re doing, and a bit too well at that. I just run, take cover, shoot.

  3. In my humble engineering opinion, Gears 5 has one of the best campaigns and the hate than the people have to this game is more towards multiplayer.

  4. Bro los mejores gears de la epoca son el 1,2,3, y judgment el preferido por mi . Los otros si el 5 se salva pero el 4 🤮🤮🤮🤮

  5. Gears 5 literally won game of the year stop it

  6. I dont think gears 5 is even that bad i had alot of fun playing it

  7. Never play the original trilogy in the 360, i played all the saga in 2022 and i need to say i preffer The coalition than Epic games

  8. Solo pude jugar el 4 porque me prestaron la xbox y nunca me compraron una😢

  9. Nice opinion, the facts are gears 5 was miraculous !

  10. Gears 5 horde now is quite good, although the campaign and the state of pve on release is something else. Hivebusters was alright but honestly I liked the characters more than kait and JD. I do like dell as a character though

  11. Original Gears still my favorite. Played that religiously

  12. Gears 4 was a good setpoint/ buid up to something great. Than we had gears 5….

  13. i thought gears of war 4 was a masterpiece even tho it was annoying at first bcz it’s actually my very first GOW game

  14. I really like the gears 5 😢, not like the 1, 2 or 3 but I really liked it.

    My rank

    Gow 2
    Gow 1
    Gow 3
    Gow 5
    Gow judgment
    Gow 4

    Sorry for bad english, I am brazilian

  15. Judgment better than Gears 4 and Gears 5?
    You don't know anything.


  17. realizing they’re not 10 living with their mom and dad anymore but they still live their mom at 34 and their dad left years ago. Video game culture needs a textbook

  18. 😂😂😂 whoever made this you're fucking stupid

  19. No fucking way this guy rated gears tactics higher than gears 4 and 5 like what is this guy actually on

  20. Gears 4 is not that bad
    How you ranked it above judgement is beyond me. Anything is better than judgement. Even 5.

  21. 1-3 were all goated, Judgment and 4 were alright, but I wanna know what the writers for 5 were smoking when they wrote that complete dumpster fire.

  22. I disagree

    Gears of War 2 should have been the goat

  23. I would love to hear how gears 5 is “the biggest piece of dogshit”. I almost guarantee that Kait becoming the main character has something to do with it.

  24. Gears of War 2, Gears of War 3, Gears of War (1), Gears 5, Gears of War: Judgement, Gears Tactics, Gears 4. In that order.

  25. Gears 1: 8,5
    Gears 2: 9,5
    Gears 3: 10
    Geats 4: 7,5
    Gears 5: 8

  26. Gears 5 campaing is really good, multiplayer well… xd

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