Realistic Shooter Games and Military Simulation in Under 10 Minutes -

Realistic Shooter Games and Military Simulation in Under 10 Minutes

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  1. First time i played squad or logo got hit by an rpg and it rolled and crushed like half our guys, we got out and flipped it over and held off as like hordes of guys ran at us

  2. Can I be a northern alliance resistance in afghanistan 🇦🇫?

  3. Are there any games like these on ps4 ??

  4. Red Orchestra 2: Heroes of Stalingrad has entered the chat

  5. What are the names of all the games shown in this video?

  6. The best thing about these realistic shooters is that they're better than anything Call of Duty has to offer what with its regenerative health and action set pieces. With games like ArmA 3 and Squad, there's no regenerative health at all in these games. You get shot in the head you die, if you get hit by a single bullet, you lay on the ground incapacitated until you are revived by a medic (or corpsman if you prefer) and ArmA has an in-game editor where you can make your own missions. I spent a lot of time on Eden editor and I got to say, it is excellent.

  7. Milsim games sound fun ngl. THink imma get Arma3

  8. Honestly thought this man was about to start talking about how rainbow six and battlefield are "realistic shooters"

  9. I have played BF since pretty much the beginning. Looking into something more like this now. What game is the best for just starting out on something like this? I also have kids and can't invest a ton of time into it, so I need something to play casually.

  10. Realistic Shooter Games and Military Simulation in Under 10 Minutes: me: looks at video play time 10:01.

  11. These games my laptop cant handle except for csgo

    Like is my laptop o- ANYONE CALL THE AMBULANCE

  12. You weren't the only one who was joking about the keybinds but in Discord.

  13. Yesterday, I was playing insurgency Sandstorm when an enemy for some reason jumped of a maybe two story building, and I kid you not, I shot and killed him midair, the whole team was laughing so hard, proudest moment of my life.

  14. Now finally after more than 2 years we are now getting this genre on console with insurgency sandstorm and hell let loose. I can't wait for their release

  15. I won't lie, EFT made me realize I love realistic shooters so much, but all my friends hate them because they're not the type to plan things out and be methodical, they just like the idea that a gun can kill someone so fast, until it's them; hen they hate it.

  16. Still doesn’t beat the real thing. Nothing beats the real thing.


    Sadly I never got to and I probably never will get a chance to play any of these cuz of my potato laptop that doesn't even support COD4

  18. Those non realistic fps are made for kids and adults with adhd😒 I would really love to play a realistic shooter game, closest thing I've played is operation Flashpoint, red river and those first ghost recon games. Sadly I'm a console gamer so I won't see another one.. I have pc's for my kids, so money isn't the thing, but I just like playing on a couch with a controller. I hate that console games are made for kids and ruining pc games as well..

  19. stalker online "stay out" did that realistic mag reload

  20. Bears. Beats. Battlestar Galactica. Damn Straight!

  21. “Yea cool games”
    “Shame if”
    “My laptop couldn’t handle it 😏😏😏”

  22. This is why I had a mod for stalker anomaly, where you had different mags and bullets, that you had to load in mags. I just love managing ammo and then just throwing it at enemies at super sonic speed

  23. mil-sims are my gateway for being an actually decent grunt in the military

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