Realistic Shooter Games and Military Simulation in Under 10 Minutes -

Realistic Shooter Games and Military Simulation in Under 10 Minutes

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  1. you know a mil game is realistic if all you do is lay down in the sand and barley use your weapon

  2. I feel like you would be a lot of fun to play with in Arma or Squad.

  3. Im a 14yo who rushes objectives with a M249 and gets away with it. THATS ME

  4. This is one of the best info videos I have ever seen!💯🔥

  5. Really want some good console games that are like these pc shooter games

  6. POV: Your crying because you can’t afford a PC and only have a console

  7. that's pretty amazing. I wish I had these games when I was a kid, I wouldn't have left the house

  8. Bro…. Playing SQUAD. 50 v 50…. Best feeling, is when you got a few squads attacking an objective, just to see an entire squad dedicated to helicopters, fly over, drop off six infantry behind the enemy, and then fly around the objective giving air support with the machine guns.

    Feels great, especially after you've been stuck at the same objective for twenty minutes, no one able to push forward.

  9. First thing on the reload. It actually makes sense that the rounds go back into your ammo capacity. Operator's do a tactical reload which has them replace their mag with 10 rounds in it for a fresh 30 round mag. So in real life a soldier wouldn't throw away a 10 round mag for a 30 round. He would save the 10 round mag if it's safe to do so

  10. I’m tired of those shooters where you throw grenade back, slide and shoot

  11. Is there any popular realistic shooter that does not require a NASA’s computer to play?

  12. It's interesting how you mainly talk about Milsim games but then you seem to be including tarkov in this despite it not being an actual Milsim, I enjoy

  13. You are horrible bro .. what game is this ?

  14. "U GONNA LOOK AT IT, AND U GONNA LIKE IT" calm down daddy 😏

  15. Can someone tell me a cheap but good PC to play these games I own a ps4 so I don't have assesobility to this stuff so please send me good PC brands

  16. Now Zero Hour is gonna be on that list pretty soon

  17. I was looking for recommendations of examples of these kinds of games tho

  18. Did I just see tf2 in the intro
    Isogp2oxjrow0cjr89lxn hrs

  19. What is the game in the last video of the that aircraft and helicopter taking off?

  20. Half way into the video and i still don't know what game he is on about.

  21. Indeed, my good sir, there are a lot of Ds

  22. brb guys im going to die to test if the respawn button still works

  23. Escape From Tarkov is far from realistic mainly the effects on the target 000 magnum buckshot to the face, neck, thigh, arms, lower leg, and ankle will prevent a human from shooting back. As well as 10+ 7.62×39 steel-core penetrators point-blank to the neck, back, side, and back of the helmet. Weapons attachments if it is a Picatinny rail system it shouldn't matter what weapon system it is on. Trijicon doesn't make an ACOG scope isn't made for single load and round. You change loads or rounds you don't need to buy a new Trijicon scope you just have to zero it again.

  24. West Virginia! 304 stand up! Beckley in the house! Great video brotha!

  25. Clickbait, the video is 10 minutes and one second

  26. pc has all the good tactical shooters and then the console players get a big middle finger like even a goddamn roblox game is better then console games like I think the only good tactical shooters we have are ghost recon future soldier or ghost recon breakpoint

  27. Bri'ish peoppe be like: OI OI MATE TEA AND CRUMPITS BRAVO 6 GOING DARK M8

  28. Btw, in r6 the not fully empty Mags are not thrown on the ground. They are put into your mag bag.

  29. Video se pahle kis kis n garmi wala ad dekha…….😂🤣🤣🤣🤣

  30. you sound just like Matt!! we have chads among us.

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