Regal sends Undisputed ERA to War with McAfee & company: WWE Network Exclusive, Nov. 18, 2020 -

Regal sends Undisputed ERA to War with McAfee & company: WWE Network Exclusive, Nov. 18, 2020

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The NXT General Manager drops a bombshell after the all-out melee between Undisputed ERA and Pat McAfee, Pete Dunne, Danny Burch & Oney Lorcan.
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  1. Connecticut Fire, EMS, PD response Videos says:

    Teddy Long: “you’ll go one on one With the UNDATAKEA!
    Kurt Angle: “oh it’s true…it’s damn true”
    William Regal: WAR GAMES!

  2. I always loved how since i was a kid it seemt everyone he talks to leaves him with a bitter taste in his mouth😂

  3. Regal saying War Games brings out the sleeping barbarians within men lol

  4. Please Say it I'm begging U to Say it 😂😂😂😂

  5. No matter what William Regal will always be known for screaming WAR GAMES!!!!

  6. The way William Regal say's "War Games" is like no other.

  7. William regal: 2:05
    Michael Cole: OHHHH YEAH
    Pat Mcafee: OH MY GOD
    Michael Cole: 5 Champion Against 5 Challenger Are About To Get War
    Team EST Against Team Boss Inside Of Wargames Match at Super Showdown In Riyadh Saudi Arabia

  8. The last time we will hear Regal saying that 😭😭😭

  9. The best GM of the decade. We love you Regal

  10. 1:47 It's like Winston Churchill walking thru the rubble of world war 2

  11. Y'all see regal just teleport in, this man is GOATED

  12. I just had a brilliant Idea for this year:

    NxT vs Smackdown VS Raw in……………………


  13. Funny of Cole begging for War Games, with him never winning a single one of them…

  14. I'm expecting a great announcement in 3 months time

  15. The best catchphrases of the Authority:

    Teddy Long: The UnderTaker
    Vince: Yourrrr FIIIIIRED
    Vickie: EXCUSE ME
    Regal: WAR GAMES

  16. I like that he calls them "fighters" instead of superstars

  17. Was that Von Wagner, Xyonn Quinn, Kona Reeves, Joe Gacey, Odyssey Jones and Rick Boogs as the arbitrators?

  18. The last Takeover with all undisputed era 💔

  19. Between that and the unspoken challenge issued and accepted between the Undertaker and Triple H, earthshattering

  20. It ain't the same without Regal saying with extreme violence in his tone


  21. So Solo Sikoa, Boogs, and Von Wagner are here

  22. I miss mr regal says war games on 2021 now he is gone😭

  23. I miss this NXT. Before Vince took over NXT.

  24. Ashley Bradbury - Multimedia Designer says:



  25. Christmss at house Regal:
    All the kins are around the table ready for the meal,but William enter the room with a mic and a angry face.
    "8 person…2 team of 4…I think gentlemen you know how this thing goes to end…WAR GAMES!!

  26. Cole is nothing in aew…he had everything in nxt

  27. It sucks that william regal didn’t say wargames this year. William saying wargames will always be better than io shirai and bron breaker saying it, no disrespect to the both of them

  28. Not sure if anyone will notice this post but did anyone else notice von Wagner holding back Adam Cole

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