Regal sends Undisputed ERA to War with McAfee & company: WWE Network Exclusive, Nov. 18, 2020 -

Regal sends Undisputed ERA to War with McAfee & company: WWE Network Exclusive, Nov. 18, 2020

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The NXT General Manager drops a bombshell after the all-out melee between Undisputed ERA and Pat McAfee, Pete Dunne, Danny Burch & Oney Lorcan.
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  1. Eight letters. Two words. Say it and I'm yours

  2. I just realized that Undisputed Era has been in every single nxt war games and every single one has been fire. Can’t wait for this one too

  3. That’s the best thing regal says all year. WarGames!

  4. War Games IV looking stacked
    Men War Games
    Women War Games
    Triple Threat NA champion match
    Ciampa vs Thatcher
    Balor vs Andrade (I wish)

  5. He can do this 10 straight years before Survivor Series and will still never get old.

  6. It gives me the chills when Regal says WAR GAMES!!

  7. why don't they use the cage barricade for raw it looks so good

  8. Even though it's become an annual event like hell in a cell, each wargames has felt like it has built to that point instead of being shoehorned in for branding reasons.

  9. Sad to see that undisputed coming to an end. Hopefully it’s OREILLY and FISH taking the initiative. OREILLY for CHAMP of the WOOORLD.

  10. Haven’t watched wwe in years. Well nxt has changed

  11. Regal is the 4v4 @ Wargames version of Teddy Long!

  12. In just gonna call it the undisputed games cause every war games match involves UE

  13. That time of the year. When you see Regal come out, you know War Games is inevitable.

  14. Cobra Kai S2 Finale: Cobra Kai and Miyagi Do fight

    Teachers and security: STOP IT!

    Me if im Manager: 2:05

  15. I love how William Regal is not a face, heel or tweener Authority Figure, he’s just there and doesn’t take up too much TV time.

  16. Adam for real said “I’m begging you regal say it” 😂 😂 😂

  17. Teddy Long: One on one with the Undertaker
    Also Teddy Long: Tag team match!
    William regal: WAR GAMES!
    Me: a tag team match with the Undertaker inside of WAR GAMES

  18. Is regal in the HOF yet cus they need to give that man his flowers while he still here

  19. Does anyone know how I can download this to my phone so I can make this a notification tone

  20. Say it Regal!

    Regal: Six man tag team match playa!

  21. I love how they set up war games every year.. it does not get old

  22. Regal: i got two words for ya…

    WAR GAMES!!!!

  23. Ric Flair: WOOOOOOOO!
    Charlotte Flair: WOOOOOOOO!
    Jim Duggan: HOOOOOOOOOOOO!
    Adam Cole: ADAM COLE BAY BAY!
    Ron Simmons: DAMN!
    Sting: WOOOOOOOOO!
    Booker T: Can you dig it SUCKAAAA!
    Xavier Woods: (Trombone Solo)
    Kofi Kingston: S.O.S.!
    Big E. Langston: FEEL THE POOOOWER!
    'The Fiend' Bray Wyatt: LET ME IN!
    The Miz: AWSOME!
    Ryback: FEED ME MORE!
    (Woken) Matt Hardy: I Will DELETE YOU!!!!!!!!!
    Brother Nero: OBSOLETE!!!!!!!!!
    Titus O'Neil: (Whistle Solo)
    Vader: VADER TIME!!!!!!!
    Heath Slater: I Have Kids!!!!!!
    John Cena: U CAN'T C THIS!!!!!!!!!
    Ricardo Rodriguez: DEL RRRRRRRIIIIIIIIIOOOOO!!!!!!!
    Vickie Guerrero: EXCUSE ME!!!!!!!!!
    Rey Mysterio: 619!!!!!!
    Dominic Mysterio: BOYAKA BOYAKA!!!!!!!
    DX: SUCK IT!!!!!
    Teddy Long: HOLLA HOLLA HOLLA!!
    Daniel Bryan: YES!!! YES!!! YES!!!
    William Regal: WARGAMES!

  24. Why william regal must be 4ever in nxt because war games needs him

  25. Adam: Say the line, Regal.
    Crowd: yaaaaaaayyyy!

  26. William Regal saying war games is an event in itself

  27. My favourite bit is when Regal said War Games!

  28. Pat looked like he was gonna cry at first

  29. 2 words for ya

    War games 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

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