Rhea Ripley and Shayna Baszler reveal WarGames teams: WWE’s The Bump, Nov. 6, 2019 - nzwargamer.net

Rhea Ripley and Shayna Baszler reveal WarGames teams: WWE’s The Bump, Nov. 6, 2019

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Exclusively on WWE’s The Bump, WarGames Team Captains Rhea Ripley and Shayna Baszler announce the majority of their picks for the historic 4-on-4 clash on Saturday, Nov. 23.
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  1. I have a weird feeling Becky Lynch Is The Last Pick For Rhea Team I Hope It Is

  2. IO SHIRAI 🇯🇵🇯🇵🇯🇵🇯🇵🇯🇵🇯🇵🇯🇵🇯🇵

  3. I think the main roster will interrupt the war games after the show theres no way they will ruin the good show

  4. I hope the women from NXT would attack Asuka and Kairi, then Io would betray her brand and team up with the Kabuki warriors

  5. Team Rhea (Ripley,Nox,LeRae,Storm)
    vs Team Shayna(Baszler,Belair,Shirai,Yim)

  6. Shawn Bazler is above feuding with these women that are lighter than his weight class.

  7. This is gonna be amazing! Wow takeover war games and survivor series is gonna be epic this year!!!

  8. Haven’t been up to date with NXT but when did Rhea turn babyface? Teagan got hurt in a match against Rhea & Rhea mocked her constantly. The angle wrote itself

  9. They should have the smoke show Scarlett Bordeaux on either team???

  10. Shayna is the ugliest woman alive. It doesn't matter how long she held the title, I'm sick of her in general and its honestly the only reason why nxt ppvs are worthless

  11. rheas like a tv lesbian shayna is the realistic one guys will get sad at when they meet one irl i cant be wrong about this one

  12. Was it just me, or did this kind of have the vibe like they were choosing sides for a dodgeball game? It came off a little too lighthearted.

  13. I think shayna is going to pick dikota kai

  14. I think Dakota Kai and Shayna Baszler is…

  15. Let’s hope Shaynas 4th pick Is the Smoke Show Scarlett or Chelsea green

  16. I want Toni storm as the last member of team Ripley 🙏

  17. As long as you got IO SHIRAI you’re already winning lol

  18. What if… Rhea actually meant Candice Michelle? She's a former 24/7 Champion after all, and LeRae has never won any titles in WWE

  19. I feel like Rhea's team will have Toni Storm and Shayna will maybe have Mia Yim or even Kay Lee Ray.

  20. -Remember Dakota Kai defeated Rhea Ripley in the Mae Young Classic.

  21. Shayna will pick Dakota cause Rhea picked Mia Yim as her final pick. so Dakota is obviously going to Shayna's team and go heel.

  22. the beste my friand shayna 😘😍🤩😅😃😁😎👌👍💪🇲🇦🇩🇿🇸🇳

  23. I feel like no matter who wins the match, I win as a fan 🤩👍

  24. No offense to Dakota but Rhea needs Mia because she’s a great FIGHTER she is bad and I can see her actually not being afraid to hit someone with something and we definitely saw that last night on NXT.

  25. "Sounds like some Australia- New Zealand beef there." Lol, oh if you only knew. If there were more Kiwi girls in NXT/ WWE a trans-Tasman feud could be awesome to see in wrestling/the WWE.

  26. Rhea Ripley, shoutout from Belfast 😍😍😍

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