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i cant stand the dread of how sad this roblox war story is.


  1. I really love how Albert is leaning towards a older viewership

  2. I saw my country that I live but not I’m not from the country but it’s called Qatar

  3. Me who grinded for 12 rebirthss in the first game

  4. You still make me happy after my old account got hacked three years ago

  5. I play this a lot the guys who shoot buttons help

  6. If you really think about it, at 24 year old man spent money to beat kids on a children's game😳😳

  7. Yoooo I've watched ur vids for ages and now I can finally comment 😄

  8. SAD WAR STORY SAD 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  9. Literally I always play this game with my friends

  10. If I got in to that’s acc your search history will just be monkeys

  11. He tried to invade a fortress lol

  12. "i had to pick this one bc all the other ones were taken"

  13. omgomgomg ililiuoiilyuujtfgyfyguihn hgyhuu cries

  14. Fascist Militaristic Republic of Kavistania says:

    * Russia appears as an option*
    Flamingo: "Uh oh"
    * North Korea appears as an option*
    Flamingo: * Discomfort*

  15. “Russia” isn’t controversial, Zelensky is. You see, Ukraine has always been corrupt, but Zelensky from my memory; Zelensky is a violent racist. His approval ratings were 25% in Ukraine upon his election into ruler of Ukraine, and he had run for ruler as a “comedic joke”. Putin invading Ukraine doesn’t make Zelensky the good guy, or Putin the bad guy (other than the use of war crimes such as vacuum bombing especially on civilian areas.)

    Continuing on Zelensky’s violent racism… this claim can never be fully backed up. Most evidence comes from his historical gayic jokes. It’s commonly said he backed up Neo-Nazi groups after his election in 2019, however this can be the actions of a Ukrainian oligarch.

    Many are comparing Zelensky to George Soros who is also a non-practicing Jew who even helped the Nazis seize Jews, send them to the death camps, and confiscated their property. He also admitted he did not believe in God. Soros has been behind funding Zelensky who played a TV role of a comedian becoming president and they put money behind him to turn that role into reality. Those who think Zelensky cannot possibly be a Neo-Nazi fail to look at the facts and assume the Nazis were only exterminating Jews.

    why did I make this comment lmao

  16. I love how most Roblox YouTubers are like “hey use the star code so we can make our videos better for you!” Meanwhile Albert has no intro or outro, and just says “give me money. I’m not poor I just want money” ad he has 11 million subs. And we give him money.

  17. I’ve never ptw unlike Albert who ptw’s to much:

  18. Omg this is so sad sad bowl big sad 😭😭

  19. Cleetus gets PTSD every time a man falls out of a tree

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