Roman Reigns DEFENDS ALL TITLES In War Games! Evolution 2! More SURPRISE WWE RETURNS! -

Roman Reigns DEFENDS ALL TITLES In War Games! Evolution 2! More SURPRISE WWE RETURNS!

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Roman Reigns and The Bloodline are competing at War Games, but what else could be at stake? Natalya recently spoke on Evolution 2, plus more surprise WWE returns

Roman Reigns, Solo Sikoa, The Usos, and Sami Zayn (The Bloodline) will be competing in at Survivor Series 2022 WarGames match. Roman Reigns and The Bloodline are set to face off against The Brawling Brutes, Drew McIntyre, and one other WWE superstar, but what if this Wargames match had a lot on the line, what if all of the Bloodline’s titles were on the line? What if Roman Reigns was the sole survivor with the fate of The Bloodline’s title reigns resting on his shoulders? We’ll go over some fun situations there with Survivor Series. Fans are still waiting on the sequel event to WWE Evolution, the all women’s event. Natalya feels like there’s still a high chance for Evolution 2 to happen. We’ll also check out some updates for the 24/7 title, Mia Yim, and more surprise WWE returns

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0:31 Mia Yim, Evolution 2, WWE 24/7 title
5:24 Roman Reigns and The Bloodline’s Survivor Series War Games match
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  2. Borinline faction is already getting super stale at this point

  3. Dude there are no eliminations in this match all parties are in the war games cage the match officially starts. The first pinfall or submission wins…

  4. They should make a straight woman title. I mean there's the tag team and war and smack title. But a cool looking one would work for the weak baby face ones

  5. I feel like Sami could turn on Roman and the Bloodline at war Games snd that team losing the match

  6. That is good idea put all the titles on the line at survivor series

  7. Roman and the bloodline are not loosing the titles untill next wrestlemania. They brought back bray and braun to boost up ratings cause keeping it 💯 its the truth.

  8. Go Roman and boys. You got this all of the blood line.

  9. Don't care about it because I didn't put to much in it not a fan of the women division and the blood line not a fan

  10. Κωνσταντίνος Σκαρλάτος says:

    Man you are days behind. See the wwe videos and you'll find out what i mean.

  11. Roman defines all titles he has two titles hostage never defends them on his own worst reign ever

  12. Ripley is already on the heel team did you not watch raw?

  13. A perfect start to a feud of Wyatt 6 vs The Bloodline is first off I could see Uncle Howdy getting into Roman's head which will cause him anger starting the feud

  14. Clearly you haven't been following ay of the shows brawling brutes and mcntyre are on the face side

  15. I do like the idea that Roman defends in the end against multiple guys.

  16. This needs to happen I swear like PLZ God let this happen.

  17. Brutes and drew 5th member could be Kevin owens since Sami is on the other team

  18. Mia and Rhea are joining Bayley's and Bianca's teams it was announced already. The fifth member to be a team Drew should be Johnny Gargano, Riddle, Braun Strowman, Karrion Kross, or a surprise return.

  19. I hate when he says their names WRONG ‼️

  20. we already know the womens war games teams

  21. I thought Becky was injured? And Mia yim is allready on the face team…

  22. Dean Ambrose can dethrone roman reigns without the bloodline help

  23. War games would be cool if it was three teams of bloodline, OC, and Judgment day

  24. One pinfall or submission only no eliminations.

  25. Just make him lose them belts already roman has made wwe boring long enough already !

  26. There’s no eliminations in war games

  27. I heard that Tripple H made a deal with Vince that Roman will win every title in WWE and keep them until he feels like retiring. Most WWE fans only know Reigns as champion.

  28. What if all the titles were on the line and Jay Uso was the only one of the Bloodline remaining and he wins to save all the titles creating a power struggle between him and Roman!

  29. Get. Belt. Back broke .up. Bloodline. Show. Roman. Not. Bloodline. No. More. He. Not. Head. Table. No. More make. Regular lady get back to normal get the people the belts back and let it be like it was red team blue team belts

  30. I would like to see seth rollins vs roman regins servicer series

  31. The 24/7 title was a dumb idea but a good idea imo would be to bring back the Hardcore title without the 24/7 rule but make it only be defended in elimination chamber matches extreme rules matches TLC matches ho holds barred matches he’ll in a cell matches steel cage matches and in those types of matches at the elimination chamber extreme rules and he’ll in a cell PPVs and other PPVs as well as on Raw and Smackdown

  32. I really hope WWE does an Evolution Two that would be great to see!!! WWE even had enough titles in the women’t division to do this, it does seem that Bray’s first match back in WWE would be against LA Knight, unfortunately being honest I am a fan of him but in this feud Bray will come out on top. Seeing the Bloodline in a war games match would be great! and it was just announced on SmackDown, so I am looking forward to seeing where WWE will go with this hopefully they have a storyline build up with their opponents.

  33. I'm already to see title's change hands meaning on the men's side of titles let someone else be a goat let another tag team be goats. Why keep titles on hands that already proven there points. I'm sure there others out there that need there time as well. Just tired of seeing the Usos an Roman with the same gimmick wow he can spear wow they can super kick… What is so good about that. An wow he has a superman punch wow just find the kryptonite that can take them out

  34. To add just seems to me Roman already looks like he wanna have all the credit an gold for lame reasons that doesn't make sense to anyone else. I'm sure they will see that better man an that better tag team who can take them out tik tok clocks a ticking

  35. They should put the ic championship n the us title in a wargame match

  36. Yes make all the belts in the bloodline on the line for anyone to take all the belts cause roman Reigns sucks he's had the belts to long now

  37. I'd like to see the bloodline and Roman reigns lose their titles

  38. There should be all out team tag war games with Uso , having there tile's on line it would have been great epic
    Hit row
    Fight night
    Vikings warriors
    New day

    With Becky as 5 member its going to be awesome… sorry mix
    Bray wyatt doesn't what to be the monster anymore.. which ok.
    But wwe universe see it as the next undertaker or kane, maybe we they will see him at the royal rumble
    I would like to see Becky go after Ronda r. Smackdown championship.. and the return of c.flair… I know wrestlemania is going to be epic!!!

  39. The new head of creative triple h should bring back former championship called 24/7 championship turn it into a new WWE world heavyweight championship but triple h should keep the color green and then the plaque keep it gold because that's cool & that's damn true

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