Ruining Shieldwall With Too Many Soldiers -

Ruining Shieldwall With Too Many Soldiers

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EPIC Shield Wall Invasion vs Unstoppable Armies

Welcome back to Shield Wall! Today we utilize one of the most ancient op military strategies during the times of blood and iron. Well if the name of the game didn’t imply it, ITS SHIELD WALL FORMATION! Let’s invade!

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  1. Do this but it's ww2 and there's machine guns

  2. How do you get the mod for unlimited soldiers?

  3. Baron, If i may ask how do you get more than the max of soldiers in game. I can't find anything on here that tells me what to use that i can get like 100 troopers

  4. The green team's leader was vercingetonix , a tribal leader who led a revolt against Julius ceasar.

  5. where can I get the mod or how can I download it? because i wana try 50 soldiers too

  6. Tell us how u get more than 25 troops

  7. Pls baron do a sword fight es a 📹

  8. Do shield wall but you can only have 20 soldiers

  9. Every time I see like every single gaming vid make me want play it especially this one

  10. Video idea maybe you can mod the game and then you make 100 soldiers on each side and make them fight or something like that

  11. Dude we need this mod how do i get it'

  12. is this mod for 100 soliders available to public?

  13. Alaxander the great is macedonian 🇲🇰

  14. Baron play in your next video as a warrior

  15. It is funny about the Eagle…..
    It's not as if it is a flag on a pole, now that is something too be brainwashed about signs birth.

    Wait a minute… america dose both

  16. I want this man to man to make a his own shield wall game in his own way and for free so everyone can enjoy it

  17. So cool how can I get the mod for that much troops

  18. Baron, Macedonians weren't ancaren't greek. yes they share some simmilaties but "Macedonian AKA Greek" statement is wrong

  19. hey where is this mod I would love to try it

  20. Add ogres and goblins and add giants Puls mod a world so u can travel

  21. I love your videos please keep doing it

  22. Both the commander and standard bearer counting toward the soldier limit bugs the hell out of me. Especially when you have to unlock the standard but it still reserves a spot.

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