Russia, China, Iran, Venezuela To Hold Military Games l Anti-West Show Of Power Amid Ukraine War? -

Russia, China, Iran, Venezuela To Hold Military Games l Anti-West Show Of Power Amid Ukraine War?

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The Chinese People’s Liberation Army has sent a delegation to Russia to take part in Moscow’s International Army Games.The war games will be held between August 13 and 27 in the shadow of the ongoing Russia-Ukraine war.
As per reports, the PLA delegation consisting of personnel, military tanks and infantry vehicles has arrived in Russia’s Far East. The Chinese team is expected to compete against counterparts from 37 countries and regions at the event. The multinational military exercise has been hosted by several countries since its inception in 2015. The 2022 edition will be held across 12 countries, including Russia, Iran, India, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan and Armenia.
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  1. Two dirty dogs holes ⏳⬇️⬇️🔥

  2. Should invite Pakistan, VN, Cuba, Brazil, Argentina to participate.

  3. They should ally and show the power to the USA or do some attacks on its soil then it would be fun at the same time increasing the efforts of ditching the dollars

  4. Gutting to the crotch, as long as it obey da narrative

  5. USA cannot chicken out where they can visit or not by China, that will really show ,a big sign of.fear n weakness

  6. This is simply a power move to fill the power vacuum left by the mentally decomposed Biden presidency. This is how an incognizant/incompetent person in the position of power can cause real damage in the world's geopolitics.

  7. Vernichten die Westlichen Bestien. Die Westlichen Politiker sind genau wie alten italienischen Mafia nur Gewalt und Krieg.

  8. It looks like these super powers want to show what they are all about. Don't even think this is over, all of Europe is gonna be running, because they think they are so bad. It's sometimes good not to go around intimidating others, sometimes the price is high. I'm not even a military person, but I know all kingdoms that rise must [ne day fall.

  9. Ha ha those idiots will probably kill each other during these war games. These militaries are incompetent and not well trained. 💯

  10. China is going to loose a lot jet fighters around Tiawan .

  11. Legal Canadian Cannabis Product Reviews says:

    That’s awesome 👏

  12. China with western Russians economic blockade got more than huge benefits so using their over cheap labour 2 east 4 them 2 shift their tanks 2 Russians-as pay back -We now have competition between USA /EU who can afford more money 4 destroy humans -Fricken NEGOTIATE PLEASE

  13. usa has stronger alies then China. USA got Europe, nato, Ukraine, japan and others I dunno about

  14. This is the greatest WAR lll ,6 countries Units to fight against 37 Countries around the world 🌎 OMGOODD veryy SCARY 😱😖😖😖😣 the world 🌍 is on the way of TORMOIL and ANARCHY, world war lll connot be stopped now it Will happened at any point of time . Umowiii kaanaaaa aking mahal na Asawa mo maganda sa buong mondo guerra NAA Kong Guerra Basta tayong dalawa magkayakap sa buong magdamag na bakbaakaaann umaatikaboo naatiiiinn Daddy GRRR GRRR giigiiiiill naakoo matagal na masyado na akong tigaang NAA tigaang NAA tayooong dalawaa oii jkzz hahahaa sweet 🧁🎂 namaann diiilaaann moonaa Dadd dahan dahaan lang para maasaaraaapp talagaaa siiigiiii isaaagaaadd moopaaaa Dadd okay cut off jjkz see you now Daddy quickly as possible ASAP thanks 🙏🙏👍 dream wish and achieve it together 🤠😻🙏🙏🥰😘💕😘 making love night 🌃 and day walaang tulogan walang pahingaa walaang bunootaann ibabaaaad molaang Dadd dahan dahaan lang para manamnaam moo aang saaraaapp mg babaaadd sa bedroom door 🚪 to get you now Daddy quickly as possible ASAP thanks 🙏🙏👍

  15. Good to see a show of strength from these Nations ,helps keep the Yanks from getting too cocky .

  16. this is gonna be a sneak attack we will get hit with EMP strike from this heed the warning

  17. To hell with communist, wipe them off the earth usa, pls!

  18. Uganda 🇺🇬 olso to join military exercise with Russia

  19. They coming in thru Alaska together .

  20. maybe they will need then back!!!!!! because of Nancy visit!!!

  21. It’s obvious they have a shortage
    Of. Tanks in Russia after Ukraine
    Demolished 2800 of them..Now
    They’ll have more Chinese junk to
    Sweet out of that country..

  22. great

    America has made to many enemies around the globe

    now America enemies are coming out of the shadows for revenge

    America runs from terrorist
    America will run from Russia or even china

    Russia go hard no mercy in 2022

  23. America u will lose the war milatary and economic no offence

  24. This is leading to TRUE Israel (people) being restored. Hurry to Jehosophat!

  25. Little wonder why Putin is acting the way he is.
    He knows he can call on his BIG brother if he ever needs more assistance with his Real X BOX War Games.

  26. In fact, the war in Ukraine is the war between Russia and the US, taking UKRAINA as the battlefield But why Ukraine? It is because of Zelensky's choice. He accepts to offer his country as a battlefield for the US to fight Russia. Zelensky wholeheartedly served the intentions of the United States, seeking to destroy Russia, taking the lives of his own people to die for the United States.

    The war dragged on because the US wanted to use this war to find out how Russian weapons are

  27. ZELENSKY'S MISSION is to create conditions for the US and Israel to gradually buy land from Ukraine to establish a second Israeli state on the Black Sea. Three US corporations (actually Israeli) has bought 17 million hectares of agricultural land in Ukraine.

  28. The reason that makes US decide to open a war with Russia is that the US corporation bought 17 million hectares of land from Ukraine. This area is large enough to establish a second Israel there. This second Israel will block the way to the Black Sea, keeping Russia under siege.

    Russia understood that, so it took action first, making the US extremely angry. And ZELENSKY is actually just guy who is selling his country, acting as the president to sign the sale of all Ukraine's land to the US corporation (Israel is behind).

  29. الموت امریکا،مرگ بر امریکا

  30. The sidelined countries and leftist are getting togather..the cooperation not likely to last long…as they are not bonded by a good cause ..but a gang of..struggling countries

  31. Russia can’t attend we’re a bit low on tanks!

  32. America is fucked that’s all I have to say

  33. japan should be stayaway from both country china N russia…

  34. How did Venezuela get an invite? Was it invite level 10's to mythic raid day?

  35. If they put all of our enemies in one spot, it could present a perfect opportunity.🇺🇸

  36. Take away all their weapons and make every country fight with swords. Why do times have to change so drastically…

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