Russia, China Naval war games near Japan; Putin-Xi join hands to tame ‘aggressive’ U.S. -

Russia, China Naval war games near Japan; Putin-Xi join hands to tame ‘aggressive’ U.S.

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Russia and China are currently holding massive naval drills off the East China Sea. Missile cruisers, destroyers, and helicopters are being tested in the western Pacific Ocean. The Russian army chief termed the joint drills a response to the U.S. military’s “aggressive” posturing. According to Russia, these joint naval drills are aimed at strengthening cooperation between the two countries to maintain peace and stability. This is the second time China and Russia have held war games together. Watch this video to know more.

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  1. The preponderant powers in Eurasia now are Russia and China. This scares the US as the two together will whip any coalitions, be it NATO or the Quad. India prides herself on her pacifism and will always be handicapped by it and, so will her partners. The US may have to sue for peace in Ukraine to avoid the perfect storm.

  2. Join hands I knew they were gay 😂they like to play hide the sausage

  3. The aggressions and atrocities in the business games which were created artificially by USA , G7 and NATO can counter by joining hands between China and Russia.

  4. I am disappointed that Indian people back Putin over Ukraine. Why ? What bad has Ukraine ever done to India?

  5. Moderna should sell vaccines at 10 times higher rate to china

  6. China should sell vaccines to Pakistan and turkey

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  8. Good luck Russia n China USA always has something better then the world

  9. Bingo….time to call the shots….Please ask the beggars to quickly withdraw their naval cheap deployments from all Russian and chinese naval intrests and quickly

  10. this is good after Us see theyr outmatched they should not quite be so eager as theyre self deceived to be

  11. this is very good Us will probably beg for more Swedish and Finnish naval value addition …….to stockup its arsenal…

  12. after Us amassed all Swedish and F innish naval capabilities it may form its first front in Fllorida

  13. Garbage hindu news. You indians are so stupid.

  14. 🇮🇳🇯🇵🇦🇺🇺🇲

    Best Quad Friend Forever Against Communism ♾️

    Jai Hind Jai Bharat India First Make India Great Again With Israel 🕉️🥇💪🏻

  15. The US are clearly the aggressor on planet Earth, Europe Must disassociate itself from the US before they drag us into WW3 ✌️

  16. Lol oh yeah we are so aggressive. If we were aggressive this war would of ended months ago . 🎤

  17. These wumao and ruski bot think their paper naval fleet can take out the US blue naval power. Keep dreaming commies😂😂😂😂

  18. Power play.. world domination.. Small countries are just pawn just like Ukraine

  19. Instead of practicing. Why do make it real attack the us now for so long this is thier dream to strike smerica dont waste time go go

  20. USA wants to eat them alive
    Do they have any other option but to fight back ?

  21. If Russia China Iran North Korea India Africa and smaller countries can unite against America and EU we can put this evil goverments to rest. The world is sick of these hypocrites

  22. These two super powers are fully prepared to fight Sleepy Joe of america man.👍👍

  23. Uncle Joe is making a joke of himself 😊

  24. off course it would a great combination alliance of the three countries but our friendly India is still sitting on the wooden goal poles.

  25. You all join hands hold eachother hands which one is husband and which one is wifey

  26. Shoot eachother backstabs are closer too if you all trying to conquer one spot there's no splitting my elements with all of you

  27. As soon as Brandon drains the national reserves and his imported terrorist's spread and imbed in our country coast to coast, the first warhead goes off at the 911 memorial care of the fat rocket man, while our woke military trys to deal with coast to coast terrorist attacks, China, Russia, Iran and all the other groups that hate us are going to join in and this country of woke broke and choke are going to get what the have earned….. Please keep your sheeple bleating down… bleed out fast and save your crying for god…..

  28. Little boys with their toys. Xi and Vlad go play with yourself or each other.

  29. How many see Luxembourg as the next world superpower?

  30. It is necessary to have a counterbalance of power in the world-all nations need to be kept in check, and the hegemony of the US.

  31. I smell another Gulf of Tonkin incident.

  32. Do y'all not think that Xi Dickping is not passing President Putitin weapons during these fake wargames

  33. Good to see china and Russia working together on this.

  34. After proving they cannot fight their way out of a wet paper bag Russia dreams of taking on Mohamed Ali.

  35. India, it's your turn to fight against China. I will support you as firmly as I support Ukraine

  36. Bye bye America you have been deceiving people for long

  37. Putin and that slant eyed bastard better watch out they are both targeted from me

  38. ‘aggressive’ Just silly. Look at logic.
    The world will remember that India sponsored Putin's genocide in Ukraine.

  39. It's 2023, so no more beating about the bush, peaceful transition is what is sort but if the truth be known, India Russia & China are at war with the west, not that the west is a beautiful cuddly innocent organisation, it certainly is not, we brought this on ourselves but it's not the be all & end all, this is 1 hell of an intelligent conflict fought on so many levels, & why military exchanges are at the moment limited, but all involved are gonna have the door shut on them, this is the spiritual way of saying farewell to mayhem, this world of man is a new animal now, we do not support malicious lies, propaganda, wars of any kind, the random depletion of the Earths resources & stupid fools who support the before mentioned. Conflict is going, taking fools with it.
    All those involved knew the effects of what they were involved with, your time is now up!.

  40. If Biden start the war with China then USA will be in a bigggggg trouble , better fire Biden before is to late .

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