Russia parachutes new combat vehicles in Zapad 2021 war games -

Russia parachutes new combat vehicles in Zapad 2021 war games

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Russian airborne forces, in cooperation with military transport aviation, parachuted a battalion of the latest BMD-4M airborne combat vehicles during practical actions of the main stage of the Zapad 2021 joint strategic exercises.
The parachuting was carried out from 21 Ilyushin Il-76MD aircraft of the military transport aviation of the Russian Aerospace Forces at a time targeting two landing sites.
In total, more than 300 servicemen of the Russian Airborne Forces, 20 servicemen of India and more than 30 state-of-the-art BMD-4M airborne assault vehicles were parachuted as part of the operational-tactical landing mission.

Zapad 2021 strategic exercises of the armed forces of Russia and Belarus are held every two years. Zapad 2021 is the final stage of the joint training of the armed forces of the two countries this year.

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  1. Interesting. They don't use the rocket-retard system anymore, and now use a…inflatable/collapsible bag?…in place of a heavy drop platform. Seems to give fairly solid landing, with less chance of corner-bounces or flips. Might be worth showing this to people at Fort Bragg.

  2. Russia better move quickly! The United States just pulled air defense system’s out of some parts of the Middle East to relocate in Russia China economic corridors.

  3. It doesn't seem to be a soft landing

  4. Россия – это сила 👍🏻

  5. Россия вперёд!!!

  6. "Tank drop incoming"
    Never wanted this to hear on a wedding rehearsal

  7. Why to the Earth ? To the Moon will be the better way for peace

  8. WDW!!!285 Falschirmpanzergrenadier Regiment 4Kompanie BMD-1 1979-81Rukla,Provinz Litauen.Russland.

  9. Madison Square Garden 1939 did J.F.K says:

    now drop them in zionist rothschild german israel

  10. Be afraid of the airborne troops…🔥🔥🔥💪💪💪

  11. In there enthusiasm and desire to impress Putin, many tank crews rode down inside their vehicles. The results were horrific.

  12. У них презентация нового айфон 13, у нас учения

  13. Russia number 1 ☦🙏☦ i am American and wanting to move to the Motherland soon . America is run by Satan.

  14. Lousy attempt at british accent. Russkie accent is too heavy.

  15. Вопрос, собственно один, решится ли Путин напасть сейчас на Украину, или перебздит как в 2014, когда украинцы положили на подступах к Мариуполю специальную десантную бригаду из Ростова, убитыми и ранеными 6,5 тысяч штыков, которых закапывали как скот в траншеи.

  16. Better you invest all the financial support to this shit, Zapat or how you call it ? In fighting poverty and education in Russia.

  17. Russia nr 1.Go with this zapad To English Chanel ,without break,and restore normal life for ordinary people.

  18. За 30 лет ничего нового , опять пугать запад как в совке 76ми ИЛами и и братской могилой десанта с новым прицелом. Как тогда это никому не надо было, так и сейчас.

  19. So according to this report they sent 21 transport aircraft of that size to airdrop about 300 soldiers and 30 vehicles. Doesn't sound very efficient way of using an air force.

  20. Who is the enemy? Its such a game, we should use our power to anything else. Who will eat Russia? It will be China, not no one else. Its sad.

  21. I like those giant pillows below the tank like a sacrificial layer, makes me wonder what if the tank bounces upside down 😂 ( I know it's engineered to avoid that, but still ).

  22. If I see Images like this – I‘m wondering how much „Blitz“ ⚡️the next Krieg / War will be ?

  23. What I like most is the design of those Parachutes!!!!!👍👍👍

  24. Vladimir Putin Come To India And Future Defense Deals Joint Collaboration Work T 14 Armata Tanks S 500 Air Defense System Avanguard Hypersonic Misiles Stelth Warships Nuclear Aircraft Carrier And Next Generation Robotic Arms Deal More Time Pending

  25. Thank you.

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