Russia vs Ukraine WAR 2022 #Shorts -

Russia vs Ukraine WAR 2022 #Shorts

War 2022
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  1. Did you know about Donbas ?

  2. But NATO is helping Ukraine scenario is different

  3. The reason NATO isn’t directly involved is because this, ukraine isn’t in NATO and they’re doing fine

  4. Do you realise the first part is completely incorrect cuz Russia haven't got that far

  5. hey friend do you want to hear the truth if yes then listen, the conflict heated up when America offered Ukraine to join the NATO organization and coincidentally at that time Zelensky president Being a comedian who supports NATO, Russia certainly doesn't accept Brother "Ukraine" joining NATO, because that's why Russia invaded Ukraine, Actually it is not an invasion but to defend its brother "Ukraine" from joining the NATO organization of rattlesnakes, which will actually trigger a war, Actually America is the one who triggers all wars from its propaganda that makes Muslims become terrorists even though it is all America's action to rotate its weapons stockpile, We should be aware that all of this is not true from America, which often spreads fake news, invades Muslim countries, even to the point of pitting against each other whether it is humane Of course not, then Now join in spreading the truth because this world is already in the end-time visitor

  6. Bro if Russian invades Ukraine I'ma ask Kim jong ung for some in

  7. this is video of ukraine in other univers when they are not farmers with tractors.

  8. 1st day: "yea, Ukraine dont have any chances"
    4th day: "yea, Ukraine dont have any chances"
    12th day: "yea, Ukraine dont have any chances"
    20th day: yea, Ukraine dont have any chances"


  9. Without help Ukraine would be Malorussia by now

  10. Well, I think that European Union's help is more helpful ┐( ∵ )┌

  11. After they will go to every country ❤

  12. They just told the Russians that vodka is delicious in Ukraine, now they say that it seems to be in Germany)))

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