Russia vs Ukraine War | Russia Attacks on Ukraine Military Convoy - GTA 5 -

Russia vs Ukraine War | Russia Attacks on Ukraine Military Convoy – GTA 5

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In this video you will see that Russian fighter jet attacked the military convoy of Ukraine from the eastern border. The the war began..Watch full video to find out what happens next..

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DISCLAIMER: This Channel Does not Promote or Encourage Any Illegal Activities. All Content Provided By This Channel Is Meant For Entertainment PURPOSE Only. All Characters, Events and Stunts In This Video Are Intirely Fictional And Has No Relation with Reality.

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  1. Russian Command: Lets invade Ukraine! NOTHING CAN GO WRONG!
    Ukranian Command: Russia is invading us, I knew it show them what us Ukranians got

    * Russian Invasion Backfires *

    Russian Command: How the hell did we lose.

  2. Ok in case no one saw the thing at the start this is just for entertainment purposes and not in reality but the actual war is nothing to joke about

  3. Plot twist: all Ukrainian tanks was USA's tanks

  4. ahhaahahahahahha WIN UKRAINE? HAHAHAHA I ❤ RUSSIA

  5. вот и вся помощь Америки Украине. Сами войну развязали и ещë пытаются нагадить России и всем еë союзникам. Как будто никто не знает итог)

  6. Result of war :

  7. bro they didnt have mercedes trucks and another car like in video

  8. It's in such bad taste, but it's so entertaining.

  9. Russia attacks Ukrainian military convoy, while driving Mercedes Benz, and being in Los Angeles. That's some crazy alternative history.

  10. Что за пиздец я увидел?

  11. Bhai plz is games ko download krne ke liye link bhej do na

  12. концовка хуйня мне не понраилось

  13. Z!

  14. No war peace for the world 😀

  15. They dont have AMG G Classes thats for sure realism 0

  16. hmm so the russians attacked ukraine without tanks?!

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