Russia vs Ukraine War | Russian Military Convoy Destroyed by Ukraine - GTA 5 -

Russia vs Ukraine War | Russian Military Convoy Destroyed by Ukraine – GTA 5

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In the first part, you see that Russia attacked the Ukrainian military convoy and entered the territory of Ukraine. In this video you will see that more Russian tankers and troops is going to Ukraine. Ukraine is now launching air strikes on Russian military convoys in Ukraine and destroyed a Russian military convoy. Watch full video to find out what happens next..

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  1. Amazing one of the GTA characters was supporting what

  2. Russia is a very big country while Ukraine is a smallest country Russia will win the much

  3. Mr, ukrain, Mr, Russia, what, is, the, car toon, fight, god, give, punishment,

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  5. I wish God will turn this war against Russia and give Ukraine victory

  6. What a dam! Is it a Russian convey? The most dam animation ever

  7. hate Putin🇷🇺 Ukraine will win!!!!!!!🇺🇦

  8. Погодите еще немного) Салорейх 8 лет с Путиным воевал, а оказалось что это были дети ЛНР и ДНР. Теперь Путин пару месяцев с салорейхом воюет, половины страны они уже проебали. Подождем еще пару месяцев и 404 перестанет существовать вообще, а салорейх переместится к полякам. Поляки мрачно охуеют, кмк)))

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  10. I love Russia because Russia is great if don't have Russia American criminal country why you can like to join American group

  11. God like Russia don't have anyone country can win fight for Russia

  12. 𝕸Я.𝕶𝕴И𝕲 𝕵 𝕲𝕬𝕸𝕴И𝕲 says:

    Why the flag of russia in the helicopter upsidedown?

  13. Humans wars came from greedy and Powers, None of can't take it with them when they dead and gone. All Humans should be working together but oh, is a shame, so shameful of Evils humans on this planet. An aliens needs to show up more on this planets. The wars will never End,because ways to many greedy dirty humans with riches and Powers just wanted everything's for themselves..this wars gone it will be next,and next so on and so on.May Our Buddha's God's Mother of God's Goddess and God's Blessing the good humans and keeping them safe from the all Evils. Blessed Be to all life's on this planets. Love and peace be with us all. So Mote it Be.So Mote it Be.So Mote it Be.
    Blessed Be to all.

  14. Bro can you do a fictional war on world war 3….

    Iran,russia,china coalition against any other 3 super powers….

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