Russian S-400 Deployed In Belarus Near Ukraine || Russian War Games In Belarus -

Russian S-400 Deployed In Belarus Near Ukraine || Russian War Games In Belarus

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Russian S-400 Deployed In Belarus Near Ukraine.
Joint exercises by Russia and Belarus
Russia and Belarus have said they will hold joint exercises called Union Resolve 2022 on February 10-20.
The aim is to repel an attack on the southern borders of their alliance as the planned exercises are taking place at a time when tensions are high between Russia and the West.
NATO on Russian maneuvres in Belarus
Reports have suggested and also satellite images show that Russia has amassed more than 100,000 troops near the border. Moscow has said it is not planning an invasion.
Russia said it could take unspecified military action if its security demands are not met. Those include a promise that NATO will never admit Ukraine, a demand the United States and the 30-nation Western security alliance have called unacceptable.
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  1. Intense. War is war, but there are always some people who profit from it.

  2. Well, how do they drive? Biden said that the ground did not freeze

  3. So.. if the oligarchs that are forcibly running Ukraine try to escape by jet??? Putin should have solidified the start of the implimentation of the Minsk Accords.. 'Big Stick' demonstrated ..

    Doublecloud at Hunga Tonga

  4. I was totally against this strange "invasion," but the toxic Western media convinced me that I was wrong.

  5. The NWO needs this war, it must happen. The Bible tells of what will come next, Great Tribulation! Jesus is real and coming back soon.

  6. The peaceful engine sound of those vehicles is amazing.

  7. As a neighbor of the US (Mex) I feel sad for the US People. US Gov thinks they are ready to go all out for a small piece of land. No matter the casualties or what other countries get involved. Thousands of soldiers who just follow duties will be put on the line. For what? These soldiers will leave inocent children, brothers, wife's, husband's etc behind. For stupid government idiologies. There is nothing to be a hero about when you try to get involved in things that have nothing to do with your country. On the other hand let's say US and Russia clash. Do most US people think that the war will be like it was in WW1, Vietnam, Pakistan, etc????? And I don't mean to win or be a part of the group who won. Is the US and it's people ready for the war to also be brought to US turf…….. I really don't think so!!!!! Most wars have been fought for very high strategic reasons away from the US. But with Russia (China if they get involved) it will be mayday for US soil. Be honest US people are y'all ready for this. If basic gun shots from neighborhood gangs or crazy people get citizens in the US like Karen's, imagine what bombs, machine guns, planes flying over and destroying homes feels like. This is why war with a big powerful country like Russia is not convinient. US gov thinks it will be a walk in the park but they are highly underestimating Russia. I hope and wish none of this ever happens but this governments will make stupid decisions even if there people are thrown under the buss.

  8. I hope both sides intensify their drills so bad, so they run out of ammunitions and there will be nothing left to fight a war!

  9. Israeli Jets often circumvent the s400 also destroys Pansir system on way past, either that or president Putin has not allowed Syrian forces to use it….yet.

  10. It’s not an invasion, they just wanna give the Ukrainians free 5G with all the antennas they have

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