Russian War Games: Exercises involve airborne troops, long-range bombers | Latest World News | WION -

Russian War Games: Exercises involve airborne troops, long-range bombers | Latest World News | WION

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India and China will be taking part in military drills that will be hosted by Russia. These are the first such exercises that are being held by Russia since the invasion of Ukraine in the month of February. WION principal diplomatic correspondent Siddhant Sibbal brings us more details.

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  1. NATO is a major threat to International security. War games like this is a reminder to NATO to not to cross the limits.

  2. India take both sides then see who give it more benefits.

  3. i hope china and india can maried,so u.s will jealous

  4. India playing a dangerous games .. The West and NATO knows that India is a traitor to the Democracy .. Don't Trust India .. poor Soldiers who died in Jamu and Kashmir , and even in Ladakh . their lives is wasted for nothing..

  5. I have always thought the West has over reached by thinking they have control of the Asian region. This is because the power differential is too small to be able to influence that region like most pretend. Even Japan, South Korea and Taiwan would turn on the West when the chips are down. Clearly this exercise demonstrates it and basically demonstrates the strongest group of military in the world. China, Russia and India make up a winning combination. Just those 3 make up almost 3 billion people not to mention the others joining the exercise.

  6. India is acting like parasites or leaches and they are also sitting on the fence trying to decide which side will win and then they will join that side 💩💩💩

  7. india is double agent or neutral friends to evry one.

  8. They should include more African countries

  9. America and NATO will not like to see India and China together because they see it as a threat to their hegemony.
    The world has changed and they are against that. It is time to solve all border problems which is the only problem.

  10. India is smart to play both sides , Of course America has it coming…
    Hopefully we get to see bombs dropping on Americans like They do Dally to the rest of the world…
    War is more then the video game you buy your kid .. You will understand this.

  11. Genghis Khan got an invite too ! Mongolians and War games ? Wow

  12. This is great, INdia is starting to dig its own grave.

  13. I'm actually surprised India and China are doing this together

  14. The terrorist state of USA is the source of all wars, terrorism, poverty, illness and a lot more in this world. they speak about democracy when all they have is demo-Crazy

  15. If it wasn't for the US. India would be china territory ❗ if it wasn't for the US China would be JAPAN!

  16. China will be watching every Indian tactical strategy

  17. Watch out India they are checking your capabilities out by being a friend

  18. China bots love this one WION, is this what you really want?

  19. Whatever it is there shouldn't be anymore wars🙏.

  20. Puler Russia?
    Considered a Terrorist regime state now after the illegal invasion of Ukraine where they have committed numerous war crimes against civilians and humanity.
    Shame on India

  21. 👍🏻🇮🇳🇷🇺

  22. Exercises FGR4 Eurofighter Typoon and Saab JAS 39.. ASEAN high alert…✌️😊✌️🇻🇳🇲🇲🇱🇦🇰🇭🇹🇭🇸🇬🇵🇭🇧🇳🇲🇾🇮🇩

  23. It must be a joke ! How India is going to take that ?

  24. It will help china to snoop around Indian weapons systems already their spy ship is in Sri Lanka,this union bjp government can’t even stop the ship

  25. This reporter is speaking so much better than in the past by opening his mouth and speaking clearly. Much improved, sir!

  26. This can be a great opportunity for India if India can analyze the Chinese soldier's coordination, strategy, and strength

    And it will be a great win if they can also give wrong data to the Chinese by not following their usual tactics

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  28. Yeah Russia is the country to lead the world into a peaceful future, clearly 🤡🤡🤡🤡

  29. If Trump is elected, an this will come to an end…. Ukraine will remain neutral… Taiwan policy will stand…

  30. They bes hope those are sum damned good drills if they plan to fw the US

  31. Three frenamies pretending they are friends, each playing their political games.

  32. Moscow will identify form this military drills who is her real partner.

  33. Russia is a closed relationship country of India but India should never believe China, even to take part war exercise.

  34. Both China and Russia have proven that US regime change cannot succeed in China and Russia. India is very weak when it comes to CIA regime change and Indian government can be overthrown in a day.

  35. Hope they can become the new big 3 in the world 🙂

  36. India.. why. Just why.
    What a disappointment.

  37. be serious in life . can india fight china ? china is not even talking that . they dont give much importance to india

  38. We will remember that India! Now we know where you stand , with Russia, China and North korea

  39. Practice make perfect 👍 Russia 🇷🇺 keep up the good job.

  40. china is a coward country, they are weak they are not strong. if they think that they they cannot win in war.

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