Sabaton - The Price of a Mile - War Game 2002 - Christmas Day (Football) on Front - CMV -

Sabaton – The Price of a Mile – War Game 2002 – Christmas Day (Football) on Front – CMV

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I cried at the end of this cartoon. Really. And Im going to read a novel about it, (M. Foreman “War Game”).
Credits and link to the authors of cartoon –

and Sabaton (), of course.

English version of cartoon –

French version of cartoon –

Im not the owner of cartoon and song!! Im only fan of them!! And i made fan-video! Im not earn money makink videos!


  1. Intense music in a video (cartoon) of soldiers just sitting and standing

  2. The 2005 movie "Joyeux Noël" is based on the 1914 Christmas miracle.

  3. Never again shall we kill for a single man or follow 1 lunatic. Sometimes there are reason for which its worth fighting but these are none of them. And never forget in war you fight against humans. Even the most avid Nazi supporters which where soldiers have grown up whit the Nazi ideology and even then many where no Nazis. For us the Nazis where monsters but ask yourself who did they see as monsters when they're civil population was carpet bombed? Who where the monsters when they where forced to take all the blame for a war though started by them was an inevetability at that point?

  4. If we don't have any war, we will be a friend…

  5. In the next Albung there is a song about That

  6. Most of the men who took part in the Christmas truce died prior to the end of the war, and were replaced by young boys who knew nothing of war.

  7. Did anybody else get "watery eyes" listening to this song? 😢😭

  8. that german sniper around the beginning: "Here, have a smiley face. :D"

  9. Normal les anglais était des touristes à cette époque il ne connaissait pas la guerre

  10. It's actually based on true storey. Soldiers were so tired of fighting and wanted the war to end that Germans and English men celebrated Christmas together

  11. Человек остаётся человеком, даже на войне

  12. sad, futile war that caused a worse and swept an entire generation to the grave

  13. I just hope the new Sabaton album will have a song about the Christmas truce.

  14. The world should have ended a long time ago why does god make us suffer?

  15. Fuck war. May this never happen again. RIP brave soldiers condemned by foolish bloodlusting politicians.

  16. is there any chance you'd make a video using the clips from this for their new song?

  17. Looks like this will have to be re-done now the Christmas Truce song is up

  18. Just sayin, but now that Sabaton released "Christmas Truce" you could try to use this film for another video

  19. Canzone commuovente😭😭😭😭😭😭

  20. Who is here after Sabaton released Christmas Truce?

  21. Io ho visto il "film" ed è bellissimo grazie a chi a fatto questo "film"

  22. Что за фильм? Или мультфильм?

  23. Kinda strange why you put "price of a mile" on the Christmas truce.

  24. I will honor my Great Grandfather who fought in world war 1 he was a soldier in the United States military his name was James Utonium

  25. Песня Christmas Thruce была бы более подходящей

  26. It's better if you put it to the Christmas truce

  27. 1:50 people in roblox and people in WW1 when the machine gun is open

  28. 1:50 Also when you are having a charge and you are the last one aka the sabaton fan

  29. Knee deep in mud stuck in the trench and no way out


  31. Грустно это всё ведь будучи русским нас все показывают гадами а на деле кто тут плохой? Пишу я из 2023

  32. Does eny one know the name of this movie of series


  34. Let wars and struggles be ONLY in computer games and football only in a football uniform!!

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