Second Doctor Adventures: BEYOND WAR GAMES 2022 Big Finish REVIEW (Spoiler Free) -

Second Doctor Adventures: BEYOND WAR GAMES 2022 Big Finish REVIEW (Spoiler Free)

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The latest Second Doctor Adventures release from Big Finish’s line of Doctor Who Audio Adventures sees Michael Troughton take on the role his father created to explore the concept of Season 6B. This is something I’ve always thought it would be cool in they explored so I’m glad they finally decided to try it out. Here’s my spoiler free review of what I thought.

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  1. Maybe I'm the weird one, because it seems like everyone else got much more out of this release than I did. This was the first BF I've actively gotten hyped for and also the biggest disappointment I've had from them as well.For context, I'd already enjoyed The Black Hole, BF's alternative to Season 6B, quite a lot, namely because it held up quite well as a story in its own right as well as flowing quite well with The Two Doctors. However I was still curious about how they would handle 6B, since I know it has a lot of potential for storytelling.I guess I was expecting something a little more… unique to the whole concept of the era? Either really delving into how the situation working for the very people who took his companions from him would affect the Doctor or pitting him into situations that the Doctor wouldn't ordinarily find himself because of who's directing his movements. Preferably both. And I guess I got a little of the first, but it wasn't quite enough to hold my attention. As for the second, I could have easily pictured both of these storylines taking place just about anywhere in the Doctor's timeline with only slight editing.Maybe I'll go back and give them another shot some time? I really wanted to like this boxset, and I still wish I did.

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