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With David Tennant having taken his final journey as nation’s favourite Time Lord, here are some more classic regeneration clips from the Doctor’s previous incarnations. Patrick Troughton’s time as the Second Doctor was brought to an end when the Doctor was sentenced to exile on Earth and told to take on a new appearance by the Time Lords. Watch more high quality videos on the new BBC Worldwide YouTube channel here:

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  1. So where does Doctor Ruth fit in here?

  2. I'm here because of the theory that Ruth comes after this regeneration

  3. The only regneration sequence in which the Doctor appears to be about to sneeze.

  4. I actually believe that here is where the ‘Ruth’ doctor from the new series fits in.
    Reasons: she has an old TARDIS, there technically isn’t a visual regeneration he just goes giddy and falls out of the TARDIS, Ruth is on the run.

  5. From what I heard, this would become the catalyst for The Last Great Time War at some point.

  6. Wow. They legit killed 2. Time Lords really were wildin back then

    “You will have an opportunity to choose your appearance .”
    “Oh… well that’s not so bad?”

  8. Both this and 5th doctors regenerations were very trippy…

  9. The thing about this that gets me the most is that the Doctor already knows he’s dead and has to immediately accept it.

  10. This is one of my favorite scenes in Doctor Who EVER

  11. 1:06 "I'm known on the Earth" – interesting nod to the fourth wall there – the character of the Doctor alluding to the popularity of the Doctor Who TV series.

  12. Uma das melhores regenerações , uma pena que esse doctor é o mais esquecido e boa parte dos seus arcos foram perdidos

  13. This video has been around longer than the Eleventh Doctor.

  14. "You will be sent to earth in the 20th century…for that period, you will live as a catholic priest, eventually, satan will cause a weather vein fall from the top of your church & impale you, after that your appearance will change & you will live out your existence as a scarecrow with interchangeable heads, getting into all manner of comedic mishaps & adventures…you will enjoy a 'coopa tea an' a slice-a cake, aunt sally' … then, in time you will become teeth & curls…I mean, I could go on…?"

  15. This incarnation of The Doctor was executed by the time lords. Horrific.

  16. Here's a little stroke to speed up the regeneration process. 😂

  17. Bernard Horsfall (the speaking Time Lord) also plays Chancellor Goth in the Deadly Assassin in Tom Baker's era.

  18. "You're making me dizzy!" 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  19. So he has a choice of
    – Karl Marx
    – Martin Luther King

    Bill Nye
    – or Pol Pot

  20. off down to earth to become a soothsayer a visually impaired and hard of hearing sheriff a Dr named fettle a host of whodunit a scarecrow Mr spottys voice . and the duke of Costa brava. ha ha please excuse my sense of humour. From Michael from Yorkshire and proud of it.

  21. Patrick tried to inject a little levity into it, but the scene is just so dark. What an unmerited end to a version of the Doctor that was so kind and had done so much good. He was portrayed not as a stodgy fatherly figure but rather as everyone's goofy uncle with a heart of gold. It was a grave injustice and the Timelord CIA Agents come off as infuriating, self righteous jerks–which means the actors playing them did a good job!! I firmly believe that if the Troughton years were more complete and shown on tv more, his Doctor would be loved by many more people.

  22. Classic Who did the regenerations far better than the revived series. There was never any big drama or indulgences, just a lingering atmosphere in their final stories that they wouldn’t make it out and they just happened. Far better and more impactful.

  23. It's a shame they couldn't use photographs to show the possible faces…the drawings were a bit naff

  24. “Your appearance changed before-and it will change again… that’s part of the sentence!”
    Let’s change that to today’s standards

    “We are going to execute you…. Well at least this body of yours you have now?”

  25. "I've never seen such an incredible bunch." HAHAHAHAHA

  26. ok im scared, i was just THINKING of the second doctor regenerating for no reason. Then it shows up. This isn't the first time this has happened. What type of voodoo is google using

  27. Apparently they made they regeneration look especially trippy in the show because it was still a fairly new concept. Their was actually a comic where they showed what happened to the Doctor. I think, and it’s entirely possible I remember this wrong, they send him to a simulation of a cornfield where scarecrows showed up and started shoot eye lasers at him…. So yeah there’s that.

  28. Since the Timelords chose the face of the Third Doctor it makes me wonder if they had Three’s more action-orientated traits and personality in mind. After all they needed to employ him for a couple of errands regarding the Master and Omega afterward so having a more physically capable and courageous errand boy under your thumb would be beneficial. It would keep their hands clean and the Doctor in the exact shape and place you need him.

  29. Hmm, I wonder how the doctor could have ever gotten the idea that the Time Lords were corrupt?

  30. So basically this wasn't a regen but a transformation, that would mean the Jodie regen is number 12 not 13

  31. The fact that the Second Doctor died screaming is really disturbing.

  32. Peter Capaldi: Ah, he's too old
    Colin Baker: Well he's too fat, isn't he
    David Tennant: No, he's too thin
    Matt Smith: Yes, that one's too young
    Jordi Whittaker: No, that wouldn't do at all

  33. I wonder if this one can be even considered a "regeneration" technically. As said, this is referred to as a change in appearance when a regeration is much more, nor does it involve (or implies) the Doctor's current life coming to an end. The 2nd and 3rd doctor may as well be the same incarnation.

  34. Am not keen on the time lords either way I find them disturbing in the evil sense.

  35. ''Change your appearance''. Didnt they use the term 'Regeneration' then?

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