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With David Tennant having taken his final journey as nation’s favourite Time Lord, here are some more classic regeneration clips from the Doctor’s previous incarnations. Patrick Troughton’s time as the Second Doctor was brought to an end when the Doctor was sentenced to exile on Earth and told to take on a new appearance by the Time Lords. Watch more high quality videos on the new BBC Worldwide YouTube channel here:

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  1. Look, NO women! . . . I INSIST you retconn more cannon to fit the agenda!

  2. What if Patrick troughton stayed on as the doctor until 1970 71

  3. Season 7/8 second doctor doesn't rengnerate but is exiled on earth with jamie and zoe they escape in a destroyed tardis

  4. The Doctor should‘ve been glad that Jamie & Zoey were returned to their own times on Earth a moment before they went away with him because they would‘ve been shocked to see him being forced to enter his 2nd regeneration as he was on his way to be exiled on 20th-Century Earth by the Time Lords.

  5. They first person is literally Karl marx

  6. Imagine if the show was cancelled after this episode. I think this would be one the most depressing endings to a show ever.

  7. He says he’s wasting time to the doctor but he has the key to time and space so how does that work?

  8. Saddest regeneration. Basically given the death penalty, exiled on an alien planet with no way to come home, and then later on the Time Lords expect him to jump on board with being their puppet again?

  9. This was the Time Lords at their most powerful and impressive stage. They kind of went downhill after this. These Time-Lords were scary, and not to be messed with. With a look they caused the War Lord to scream with pain as White light or energy attacked him. They were able to throw up force barriers to keep the War Lord and his people or the Doctor and his companions prisoner without apparent physical technology. It appeared to all be done with their minds (telepathy, or a telepathic link to their various machines). After this they degenerated into stuffy bureaucrats with minor telepathic powers and a load of political intrigue. Sure it made for an interesting story in "The Deadly Assassin", but I'd have been very interested to see what these bad-ass scary Time-lords would have done in later stories if they had continued this version of their society into the rest of the series going forward.

  10. so basicle, the timelords killed him ?

  11. Fun fact: Regeneration wasn’t known or planned still back then with William and Troughton but mentioned with Jon Pertwee

    Edit: this is one of my favourite regeneration but I mainly like The fiery destructive regeneration like with David

  12. Gah, poor 2nd. He really didn’t deserve to go the way he did.

  13. Onward we go to Number Two
    A replacement maybe but on us he grew
    With a funny run and a little hop
    He'd capture our hearts with his floppy mop

    And to top it off, a little flute
    Move aside, the next one's on route
    Number Three is on his way
    But no one forgets you, Not for one day…

  14. you know, in a way this may not actually be his actual regeneration, since there's the theory of Season 6B. Not to mention The Two Doctors is living proof that the 2nd Doctor's regeneration hasn't been shown yet. But that's only just a wild theory.

  15. Strange that Jamie & Zoe weren‘t allowed to testify on the Doctor‘s behalf at his trial,nor did anyone who went to the academy with him attended it.

  16. im not a doctor who fan but i like how hes always sarcastic or has a punch line or a witty comeback to everything, even the things people wouldnt normally be taking as a joke. such as the whole changing what he looks like and being told he will have a choice: "oh thats not so bad, but im picky!". like seriously? good laughs

  17. Oh he's too old- Peter Capaldi
    Well he's too fat isn't he- Colin Baker
    No! He's too thin- David Tennant
    That ones too young- Peter Davison
    That won't do at all!- Jodie Whittaker

  18. Some of those personas could have worked well actually… less auspicious.

  19. "Well it's not my fault is it? Is this the best you can do? I've never seen such an "incredible" bunch!"

  20. this is the saddest one of them of the doctor was in essence Executed

  21. "Oh, he's too old!" – John Hurt
    "Well, he's to fat, isn't he?" – Colin Baker
    "No, he's too thin!" – David Tennant
    "That one's too young!" – Matt Smith
    "Oh, that won't do at all!" – Jodie Whittaker

  22. Good thing that when the Time Lords forced the Doctor to enter his 2nd regeneration before exiling him to 20th Century Earth,they didn't bother to try to read his mind to find out how many other companions he had who traveled with him in the TARDIS he stole while he was on the run and try to erase their knowledge of him and their adventures with him,though Susan,the 1st companion in the TARDIS,is from the same home planet as the Doctor and his people.

  23. So if the secrets and knowlege of the TARDIS was to be taken from the Doctor, how come he was allowed to use it to get to Earth when he transformed into the Third Dr?

  24. Oh I’ve regenerated……..

    I don’t like it

  25. I think this is probably the best end to any who story and one of the best end to any story.

    After nine episodes of watching the odds get more and more out of hand the timelords make the villain look pathetic and basically they determined the fate of everyone involved, then we see our hero defeated.

  26. First time watch that regeneration, that's remind me transformation of Kamen Rider Amazon!

  27. Damn those timelords! Forcing The Doctor to regenerate!😱

  28. The 2nd Doctor Hated The Regenerations, But He Got Regretted By The Time Lords To Change His Appearance, And They Did, By Making Him Dizzy, And The 3rd Doctor's Face During 2nd Regeneration Was Not Seen Until The Next Episode, The First One In Color,

  29. The only Doctor to regenerate in the comics.

  30. Anyone else think the thin one looks like Christopher Eccleston?

  31. I wonder what this would have been like when it was s new Episode saw it happen once before and know this show can survive with another actor in the lead but i imagine wondering hwo long this would continue, classic who makeing it 26 years is incredible i want the same for 14+ year old new who.

  32. Omg what a sad way to regenerate. So used to them going out in blaze of glory or whatever and forget 2 did nothing wrong and didn’t get a moment but was forced to lose a life

  33. 2:51, that just looks like his body gets deleted/lost or thrown away in his new body.

  34. Even though the Doctor never directly tells us, I can see why he left Gallifrey. It's leaders are brutally bureaucratic, corrupt and decadent, plus, they also despise him for being womb-born. Every other Time Lord is made from a machine like the Clone Troopers. But, not the Doctor. So, they decided to make his life a living hell. Also also, these same leaders lied about the Time Lords' origins of time travel and who exactly created the Gallifreyans' concept of time travel and the TARDISes, themselves. They would say it's someone like Rassilon who created their version of time travel, but it truly is Omega. And like all creations that Governments are highly interested in, they took the credit for such a creation for themselves, and shunned the actual creator.

  35. If they squash the Ruth Doctor between the second and third I'm going to be so mad

  36. There's no discussion here of regeneration. The Time Lords merely refer to it as changing The Doctor's appearance in order to exile him to Earth. Granted, this far back "regeneration" wasn't necessarily a thing in Doctor Who canon yet. The writers were kinda flying by the seats of their pants with each recasting of the central character. For decades we viewers have assumed this incarnation of The Doctor regenerated off camera directly into John Pertwee's likeness, but that may not be the case.

  37. Hello to anyone here in 2020. Let me ask… do you think Ruth comes right after this event? Discuss.

  38. Have you ever regenerated so hard the whole world turned to color?

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