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  1. Shadow is underrated I have shadow and it’s like hacks almost u can see through walls and go invisible that’s just op

  2. Its been a long time since I play this game wait hold on theres new characters???

  3. idk why this game have a good grapich and gameplay.. but doesnt make it famous

  4. bro can i ask abt your sensitivity and settings..

  5. I love it it’s soooo cool I’m going to get it today

  6. In that game everyone names is stary with a shad Xd i like the game

  7. As a starter which hero I has to buy first I have enough things can you suggest me

  8. I am a willow type of guy. I love the sniper and I am good at it

  9. just started playing this game yesterday and have been using willow. any suggestions as to which is better when compared to shadow? i average about 22-25 kills a game and am kinda used to her character style

  10. How far u will come the game will get interesting

  11. OG’s remember Shadowgun Deadzone… Best game ever, 2012.

  12. SGWG ( Shadow gun war games ) is a great game. I have been playing for a month Now. I couldn't decide whether I should take Daisuke or Shadow

  13. I see no one ever use this hero in this game I don't know so strange

  14. Bro how to play it can you explain the motive of this mode

  15. They should add like bomb mode or like a mode that you have to respawn the next round.

  16. Deadzone was the best! Being able to roll, I’ve got addicted to this but they need to add a jump button

  17. Do you remeber me zypher in was in your enemy team pokepower was my name plz I sent you a friend request plz accept it 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  18. Hey lets play together bro
    My nick : wansghans

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