Shadowgun War Games | Teaser 2019 -

Shadowgun War Games | Teaser 2019

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Shadowgun War Games is a NEW multiplayer fast-paced mobile FPS shooter for Android and iOS. Choose your hero and work with your team to become the War Games champion!



  1. If I'm being honest(and I'm speaking for majority of the community), shadowgun is a flop, and no one wants it. Now your adding another shadowgun game? 🙁 boo. The majority of the community want DEAD TRIGGER 3

  2. @Madfinger games look really interesting but come on plz make it 10v10 at least not 5v5.

  3. Petition to bring back shadowgun deadzone. Like this comment!!!

  4. El estilo de gráficos será igual a shadow gun legends?

  5. Madfinger, what the hell are you doing?
    This is the biggest Overwatch clone I've ever seen!

  6. When you are going to release in India

  7. I loved shadowgun dead zone,so I’m looking forward to playing this game!!

  8. 4 months already gone ,release it dude…whts nxt?
    Devs- Battle royale mode may be

  9. Plz revive shadowgun deadzone as a series like shadowgun deadzone 2 plzz

  10. Plzz revive the shadowgun deadzone its still the best creation it ll even compete with gears 5 if u revive it that game really ve so much potential still in android and iOS gaming sgdz was the only game which u can consider as next level gaming plzzzz revive it

  11. I never got over the loss of Shadowgun War Zone.

  12. This all new generation games sucks!!! Bring back the old Shadowgun Deathzone.
    All Legends knows we hate cartoony shooting games… We have spoken…

  13. I have an Iphone 6 and it says you can on your requirements that it can run it, but once I launch the app it stops at 15% and tells me I don't meet the minimum requirements. Please get back to me as to why.

  14. Rip phone comment f to pay respect

  15. Am I the only one who has the biggest crush on Jet???!

  16. wow i think am goin to love this game when i start playing it and become pro lol

    How cool is the game

  17. i think deadzone is better because the theme is more futuristic and less cartoony, which is different from most of the fps games nowadays

  18. Why you are so angry? This game looks very good and characters are fun to play.

  19. I don’t know if it’s just me, but does anybody else hear deadpool?

  20. Hey guys, i've come from the future to tell you that the game pretty sucks, thankyou for your attention.

  21. I know that in your Inspiration it is to advance and it is good. They were faithful to a specific game called SHADOWGUN DeadZone, a very important loss for me and for those who loved this game, those people played legally without any facilities, such as those who used hacks …  It is okay to go ahead and forget the past but not so much as they eliminate it, the only request I ask is that I would like this game to return to the platform of course with the support of Everyone here ???

  22. It looks like a ripoff of overwatch and one of the characters looks like octane from apex legdends

  23. This game did NOT DISSAPOINT! I love it. This is why jet is my fav character in the game!

  24. Cuando van solucionar que en una partida competitiva, o no, de derrota cuando se ganó? Además de un millón de errores más. Le falta mucho todavía.

  25. Please makes Shadowgun Deadzone Multiplayer remake

    I love realistic graphic not this cartoon graphic

  26. In this trailer jet went back in time which he knew where all the outcomes so went back in time again to fix the problem he made

  27. Hoy maté a 22 y perdí igual gracias al grupo de inútiles que me tocó. No pueden nivelar eso una buena vez?
    PD: Desde cuando Daisuke mata con una sola estocada sin haber dado un solo tiro? Sigue lleno de incoherencias.

  28. ماكو عرب منزليها اريد افهم شلون تكمل المهمام 😭

  29. My life is now nothing… Nothing after what I saw… The game that bringed me happiness… And now… What I see a shutdown screen..

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