Shadowgun War Games | Teaser -

Shadowgun War Games | Teaser

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With War Games, Shadowgun is entering the world of mobile competitive shooters. Jump straight into the battle as one of the heroes from Shadowgun Legends Universe and fight for glory!


  1. I cant download that game pls low the mb the game is kinda cool and i want to download

  2. Shadowngun deadzone bester than this war game

  3. I wouldn't bother with this game. The devs behind it only just released their unfinished previous game, Shadowgun Legends, before abandoning it to make Wargames. Legends is full of bugs, cheaters or griefers (some of whom have been given awards by the company and even positions moderating their official discord channel) and many of the features promised by the company (Switch version, final planet/missions, etc) have never been implemented. There's not been any real new content for ages, and if there was, it had mainly copies of previous missions and old loot which many players already had. The devs basically took money from the players (via IAPs) and then used it to make a new game.

    Their previous online games have also been stated by other fans as being unfinished/abandoned. Even key and notable staff have left (such as ones who used to host their live game streams).

    Just look at their official Facebook page (which they've started to have negative posts removed from), their Facebook group or even the official discord or JHC discord channels, as they often feature complaints, bug fix requests, etc. Most PVE players have left, with the PVP players moving into CODM, etc.

    Wargames will last about a year or so, if that, with similar bugs, toxic pvp and a lack of features being just as problematic as they were for Legends.

    Don't waste your time or money on this DOA turkey.

    Edit: – MFG has recently removed many negative comments from unhappy players and customers at their official Facebook page. It would seem that they desire to silence the many criticisms of their game and behaviour towards their player-base.

    A shame.

  4. Why does this look so different to the current wargames?

  5. I cant see Sherrif , Slade , S.A.R.A , Widow , etc !
    Its the reason because i play SG:DZ not a copy of CS:GO or Overwatch

  6. This looked so much better than the Overwatch wannabe it is now.

  7. This looks really stupid. The thing that made SHADOWGUN DeadZone great was it wasn’t lined in neon cartoon fluff just a simple compete against each other game play with great weapons and characters. Can’t say how disappointed I was with Legends, over blown over stuffed neon characters and gameplay.

  8. Shadowgun Legends is a sequel to Original Shadowgun game and Shadowgun War Games is a sequel to Shadowgun Deadzone😍.By the way Madfinger Games i can't wait for it anymore.

  9. So Madfinger Games just made the epic Shadowgun Legends, and it only has a year to be the best FPS Mobile game? Huh… but OK, just don’t expect me to stick to the new game

  10. Woah, it's almost been a year since this was announced… What happened? I signed up for this almost immediately when this teaser first came out. The pre-register website is still up, is the game not cancelled? I remember watching the first gameplay stream and now I notice that the capture the flag gamemode is in Legends now.
    Can anyone here explain what's been going on?

  11. Vuelve a abrir el shadowguns Deadzone please

  12. Hello, I had previously registered on the game page, I put my mail correctly and I accept, but I still do not receive the notification, can you do something?

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