Shadowgun War Games | Teaser -

Shadowgun War Games | Teaser

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With War Games, Shadowgun is entering the world of mobile competitive shooters. Jump straight into the battle as one of the heroes from Shadowgun Legends Universe and fight for glory!


  1. Es un juego nuevo? O es una expansión de legend? Que la verdad fue toda una decepción. Si es uno nuevo Ojalá regresen a la saga lo mejor que tenian y era el Shadowgun deat zone. Y en base a eso mejoren los graficos las mecánicas y el gameplay.

  2. This looks like shadowgun deadzone on steroids

  3. Creators of Shadowgun can recreate a game called (Deadheads) that they deleted from the Play Store was a good game was multiplier Had different types of game mode had good graphics
    One day for the morning the game was gone and no idea of ​​the creator has disappeared
    The types or mode of games I had was split by elimination, story mode, team fight, infestation mode, also had a peculiar mode that was practice mode where you can practice as if you were in a shooting room where you were also multiplier you could find yourself with another practitioner. you could also create our own clans with an amount of gold that was like 250 please that is gladly investigate about this game that was amazing but is no longer if I could recreate what was incredible I am a fan of Shadowgun this game is like your cousin
    I leave a playlist which I could do until they eliminated the game I played in story mode and I could only play 2 in onlive I think it was match by elimination and team team


  4. I gave this idea to them, they kicked me out of community of SGL, because I told everyone about shadow gun Legends bugs , they said you're not good for this community, they didn't want me to see that they used my suggestion , remember when you said that everyone give us suggestions for new improvement, I wrote long suggestion list, then after a month you found out you can't fix old issues and you can't bring any new content, so you decided to create another stupid game with my idea, such a nasty pig you are… Ask Jakob vambersky about when he kicked me to prevent me telling everyone about this… Hope you never be successful with my idea, you bitches

  5. Watch the sgl updates come slower and less content… well they gotta make money somehow I guess

  6. Pasense por mi canal recién empiezo y me estarían ayudando muchisimo

  7. Hey MADFINGER, will you ever add Asia servers for shadowgun legends and this new game? Because I have to play on a vpn in China and that makes the ping super high

  8. I still play deadzone to this day so I need this game asap thanks MFG

  9. I wanted to say that I love ShadowGun Legends! And it makes me sad that I can't play it on my phone because I don't have enough space. And I also wanted to ask if it will be ported to the Switch (Nintendo) or if there will be a PC special download anytime soon

  10. Really ? 😁😁😁 but what happen with "Dead Trigger 3" ? 😂😂😂

  11. Chido si lo ponen en gama baja y android 5.1.1

  12. How much spec do we need to install this game??? please reply

  13. Metanle un nuevo modo de juego al multijugador del unkilled y el shadowgun deadzone :v ; saben cuales seran los requisitos mínimos del juego :b

  14. Que clase de battle royale es este ? :v

  15. 1st person like Legends or 3rd like the other Shadowgun games

  16. MFG please do not add auto fire or aim assist in wargames. Like if you agree 😎

  17. Umm… What's even the point of shadowgun legends then? Because people mostly play it for the pvp and you're putting it in another game

  18. You need to stop making games that require high specs
    Like mc versus
    At the time of the release nobody would want to spend 500$+ cash on a phone just to play a mobile game

  19. Hello madfinger i have an question that i'd like to be awnsered
    So with the brand new update of dead trigger 2 i'd like to know if i can play with wireless controller like dualshock or the xbox ones

  20. I have one question for you Madfinger : Dead Trigger 3 will be awsome ? =]]]]

  21. How can i get my rewards for Legends witch were anounsed?

  22. Yes im pre-register. I will have dat game!!!

  23. 2020 pls make dead trigger 3

  24. I can t get blink i need get 2 points more but i can t i heve 20lv i can do shomfink whit this?

  25. Soo is shadow gun legends a
    Test for the new unity capabilities

  26. Shadow gun wargames vs modern combat versus hmmmmmmmm

  27. I have theory but dont be mad at me when i say this… But i only have one theory is that…

    Kinda remind me of shadowgun deadzone.
    Becuz with the flags. Ik shadow gun deadzone has no flags but its kinda simillar to the game.
    But pls dont hate me its just a theory..

  28. Shadowgun deadzone not compatible with galaxy S9+ with screen ratio 18:9 , or only my phone?

  29. When we open legends and go to the wargames he will open this game right?

  30. android or PC?
    its look great hell yeah cannot wait 😀

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