SHADOWGUN WARGAMES | JET Tag skin gameplay | 1080p 60fps | Android/IOS -

SHADOWGUN WARGAMES | JET Tag skin gameplay | 1080p 60fps | Android/IOS

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Device: Pocophone F1
6 Gigabytes of RAM
Snapdragon 845


  1. Bro why don't you play ranked matches??

  2. 5:21 classic! Players just don’t accept one lose. At least they are not playing against hackers like me! Anyway awesome gameplay! Can’t wait for that costume!

  3. I love every skin jet but i cant buy it 😭😭

  4. Bro you play with controller? And What sensitivity do you use?

  5. Почему ты не поднимаешь звание?

  6. So if I buy RP rn will I be able to reach 100 RP in 35 Days?

  7. I have questions is this game can playing eith friend or other people

  8. I was inspired by Zypher Now I'm making ShadowGun War Games it hard to get subscriber and views but I'm not going to give up and one I be as great as Zypher and be known as one of best Gamers on this app

  9. After watching your videos i downloaded the game havent played yet but its better than pubg who is Eating my storage

  10. I have been playing this game for a couple of and I love it. and subbed to your channel.

  11. Wish they had a payload mode. Games like overwatch and especially TF2 or my favourites to play. Even the payload mode in black ops 3 lol

  12. Yooo wanna play together? ..

    wanna collaborate?

  13. I really want to VS you I would love to fight or be your friend.

  14. I am download this game this game is very very nice

  15. The worst thing is that jet is very weak it can die very easily when u face soldier so u have to be carefull

  16. Is gyroscope settings available in this game? Please reply

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