Ships At War Battle Simulator! Ship Sinking Simulator + FORTS - Ships at War Gameplay -

Ships At War Battle Simulator! Ship Sinking Simulator + FORTS – Ships at War Gameplay

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Ships at War is like Forts and Ship Sinking Simulator made a baby. Ships at War features WW2 era ships fighting and sinking each other in a Battle Simulator type of a way
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  1. try shootin the torpiedo like into the sky

  2. Hms hood was a battle cruiser of the royal navy. Hood was the first of planned four admiral-class battle cruiser to be built during ww1
    Length: 262 m
    Speed 1920: 32 knots (59 Km/h; 37 mph); 1941: 30 knots (56 Km/h; 35 mph)
    Launched: 22 August 1918
    Cost: £6,025,000
    Hood was set to destroy the bismarck with Prince of whales
    The sinking of the hood was due to a hit from bismarck's 15-inch shell adjacent to hood's
    4-inch or 15-inch magazines causing them all to explode and the wreck the after part of the ship the probability is that the 4-inch magazines exploded first

  3. Do a ship that is also a SUBMARINE!!!!! 💥 BOOM!!!!

  4. Fun fact : hms means his/her majesty ship

  5. on this game i made a unstopable titanc with 2 inch guns i aded airplanes and aitl aircafrt guns


  7. Hot Mango Sauce 🤣🤣 damm the queen has got a taste

  8. why are all of the guns larger than life? tirpitz had 15” not 18”?

  9. "18.inch guns" lad only the yamato had 18.inch guns xD

  10. You know the titanic was You know the titanic was called the unsinkable Pretty sure that was a lie I mean the iceberg
    What's bigger than the ship

  11. Just a little bit of a history there for you

  12. 1 last thing where do who were the who where the hood at

  13. BaronVonGames: if you like play war of tanks or world of warships blah blah blah ammo racking
    me who plays war thunder: lol i play war of tanks and world of warplanes and world of warships at the same time

  14. not gona lie he could have been more respectfull towards hms hood

  15. the baron hath returned I think I watched all your war thunder videos and the armor break downs got me up to a 3 to 1 kd ratio when I was playing but the game its self started to not work on my laptop so I quit lol.


  17. Hood got blown in 2 by a shell hitting the Ammo Magazine

  18. 18 inch main guns? That's the Bismark not the Yamato!

  19. The planes were F6F Wildcats

  20. WHY is the playlist so jumbled up not even I Order it’s so annoying

  21. Baron there is a guy or a kid maked a…… Super ship it has 7cannons and 1second reaload.

  22. I’m from the future I know those planes in that game Is it gonna be Stukas

  23. So sad he Baron hasn't played From the Depths.

  24. Not the most accurate representation to Bismarck she only had 15” main canons same with hood

  25. You don’t need to use a voice changer every 15 seconds to keep the attention of the viewer btw.

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