Ships At War Battle Simulator! Ship Sinking Simulator + FORTS - Ships at War Gameplay -

Ships At War Battle Simulator! Ship Sinking Simulator + FORTS – Ships at War Gameplay

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Ships at War is like Forts and Ship Sinking Simulator made a baby. Ships at War features WW2 era ships fighting and sinking each other in a Battle Simulator type of a way
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  1. Post aircraft carrier battle. Not to worry we’re still floating on half a ship 😎😂

  2. you should make a tiny ship vs a giant ship

  3. What about building a hovercraft or hydrofoil?

  4. i wish that you could add more ships in the battles

  5. Not to worry we're still driving half an aircraft carrier

  6. In real world history the Bismark was the ship that sunk the HMS hood

  7. i did not know the titanic was a battleship…i thought it was a movie

  8. Hms hood vs bismark
    The ptsd do be kicking in

  9. Are you still drinking that Mexican firewater?

  10. 3:45 here in germany we are civilised…

    we would never use inch to measure smth

  11. Who else is basically growing up watching baron rn he's one of my favourite YouTubers

  12. Ship type:
    Aircraft carrier
    Battle cruiser
    Heavy cruiser
    Light cruiser
    Mine warfare ship
    Torpedo boat
    Transport ship
    Patrol vessels
    Patrol boat
    Merchant ship
    Mini sub
    Heli carrier

  13. "water respectfully avoids ship" – I'm cracking up 😀

  14. can you pls give me the link

  15. So its like atlantic fleet mobile game in a nutshell but much easier.

  16. "We have corsairs" it literally says its F6F Helcats

  17. Yo baron the bismarck had 15 inch main cannons

  18. That was amazing I’d love to see more

  19. Baron,next time use the titanic

  20. Yeeeeeeeeessssss I want to see a lot more of this

  21. these two ship bismark and the hood battled

  22. Baron should try ultimate admiral dreadnought and sprocket

  23. If you’re going against an aircraft carrier move your ship because the AI can’t change where the planes drop their bombs either

  24. What made it cooler is that; despite the fact that you didn’t ammo rack it: the hood went down in a V-break, just like it did in real life

  25. Your German voice reminds me to the 3 German horses from Ferdinand i watched with my nieces. Horror

  26. Like the song.Sink the Bismarck was the battle sound but when the smoke went away the mighty hood went down

  27. You can also arm and armour the merchant ships, matey.

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