Shirai, Gonzalez and Jade need a fourth member for their WarGames team: WWE NXT, Nov. 23, 2021 -

Shirai, Gonzalez and Jade need a fourth member for their WarGames team: WWE NXT, Nov. 23, 2021

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Io Shirai still doesn’t like Raquel Gonzalez, but that means nothing to Cora Jade, as the three focus on finding a fourth competitor for their WarGames match. Catch WWE action on Peacock, WWE Network, FOX, USA Network, Sony India and more.
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  1. I’m hoping third time’s the charm for Io cuz she lost the past two war games and I’m hoping this is a turnaround

  2. The birdbrains finally made friends just in the nick of time?

  3. Why cora just carry skateboard not riding it?

  4. theyre self aware but theyll continue to do it

  5. Io Shirai, Zoey Stark, Raquel Gonzalez and Cora Jade in a team for the Wargames match this is team is awesome 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  6. Kay Lee Ray future NXT Women's Champion.

  7. Ok going to throw this out there but all nxt is is just wcw bc they are just using all the ppv names for their ppvs that wcw used ahaha

  8. Io Shirai, Cora Jade, Kay Lee Ray, Raquel Gonzalez…if Zoey Stark was clear they'd make a very good Survivor Series team.

  9. If Cora Jade is going to take a straight doo-doo on overused WWE antics, lets have her drop the stupid little skateboard.

  10. Lololololololol "can we coexist thing" lololololololol. WWE this year has used that gimmick to death.

  11. That height difference between Gonzalez and Shirai. Wow. 😲

  12. Somebody tell Simon, Cora Jade feels the same about the coexisting thing 😂😂

  13. Zoey looks more of a leader type.

    Previous leaders in NXT War Games: Shotzi and Rhea Ripley on team face

    Veteran War Game hero: Io Shirai (both as hell and face)

  14. Io looks super small standing next to Raquel 😂😂😂

  15. Old outdated and boring pretty much sums up WWE creative to a T

  16. I really want the toxis attraction to feel the humility of losing once again

  17. Cora jade will turn heel mark my words

    Or maybe zoey attacks io from outside for a new fued , allowing toxic to win .

  18. Raquel loooks so beautiful. I like her when her hair is straight and down.

  19. Tbh cora jade is correct though its the same bs over and over again will or wont coexist

  20. Other then the women on the show, this next NXT 2.0 is GARBAGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. Zoey is actually the perfect member for this war games, but sad she is injured.

  22. Meiko Satamura should be a great addition to their wargames team.

  23. Gonzalez: Why don't you stand up Io and show everybody how tall you are ?
    Io Shirai: I am standing !!

  24. War games isn't the same when William Regal isn't announcing it😔

  25. Triple H better hurry up opens a new promotion and secure all these talents before another waves of budget cut happen.

  26. Was there a main reason Zoey Stark felt a lot of extreme rage just asking

  27. Honestly i don’t like how Io Shirai announced the wargames. Like there could be some more but she just said “Wargamess!!!” and i was loke tf

  28. I like how they are building up Cora Jade she had a good match with Mandy Rose and beat her and she is getting better and better which she needs

    Raquel Gonzalez
    Io Shari
    Cora Jade
    Kay Lee Ray

    I like that team

  29. Cora jade has improved a lot and she’s so pretty 😍😍

  30. Cora Jade kinda looks like AJ Lee in some angles, i miss her.

  31. イオちゃん、プロレス界の、お姫さまです

  32. They could have asked Wendy Choo who was literally right behind them

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