Six Days in Fallujah NEW Gameplay (2023) -

Six Days in Fallujah NEW Gameplay (2023)

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Six Days in Fallujah NEW Gameplay (2023)

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Six Days in Fallujah –

Six Days in Fallujah is an upcoming tactical shooter game developed by Highwire Games and published by Victura. It is slated to be one of the first video games to focus directly on the Iraq War. The game’s plot follows a squad of U.S. Marines from 3rd Battalion, 1st Marines (3/1), fighting in the Second Battle of Fallujah over the span of six days in November 2004.

The premise of the game was the subject of controversy in 2009, with questions raised as to its appropriateness, especially given the fact that the true events the game is based upon were recent at the time. It was originally to be published by Konami, however, in April 2009, a spokesperson informed the Associated Press that Konami was no longer publishing the game due to the controversy surrounding it. The game was originally slated for a 2010 release, but it was cancelled due to controversy; the game was put on hold until 2016 after its original studio, Atomic Games, went bankrupt in 2011.

In February 2021, the game was announced to be back in development at Highwire Games, consisting of former Halo and Destiny game developers.[1] Six Days in Fallujah is expected to be released on Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S in late 2022.

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  1. When is this coming out on Playstation??

  2. Anyone noticed when the person talks on the mic, the mouth moves on the character model?

  3. They need to get the movement down, looks too sticky, movement needs to be more fluid.

  4. Is this really a console game ? Or coming to console? Because if so, I need this in my life. 😍

  5. The iraqi people died to defend them selves from us invade and here in us they make games and fun about that .
    What great Humanity !

  6. really dumb positioning right in front of a two story house where they can just shoot from the second floor or roof at you

  7. This script reading is just disgusting. Not impressed.

  8. At this point I truly don’t believe there ever will be a release date. The concept of this game is amazing, but has been in project for 2 years with originally having a set release date in December of 2021, then was pushed back to late 2022, now the end of 2023. If I don’t see any sort of release date by the end of this year I truly believe there will never be such a thing as 6 days in Fallujah. I think what upsets the audience the most isn’t even the date being pushed back, rather it seems the producers have a lack of commitment and are stalling the best they can until the game idea (just like in 2009) becomes irrelevant once more. So sad.

  9. Finally a military tactical fiirst person shooter for consoles. I miss so much play Squad and Ready or Not on my Desktop. Moving to console was hard for the lack of tactical FPS in these platforms.

  10. Why is buddy standing in the doorway, dude with the pkm shoulda wasted him through the door

  11. The game looks amazing but the CQB is horrendous. Just so you guys know standing in front of a doorway is standing in the fatal funnel so standing in front of the door is super unrealistic and insurgents can shoot through the doors. you never walk straight into a room you would typically watch corners and hug walls. I would suggest watching a video on how military units breach into rooms to make the gameplay more accurate.

  12. I hope you will be able to command a few sqauds like in brothwrs in arms maybe even command a tank

  13. I was in fallujah in 05, left me left foot there, game looks accurate

  14. Imagine playing this on console. Couldn't be me. LOL.

  15. the helmets look a lil too big? even for the old kevlar

  16. Can't wait for this game to come out all these other tactical games are gay

  17. Not checking corners is hard to watch lol. However, thanks for the upload ! Cant wait for this game.

  18. Since when us marines use ACOG in iraq…😅😅😅😅

  19. Is this console gameplay or did you just slap the PS logo on it?

  20. you boys should all go read "House To House"

  21. Someone better mod this so we can play as insurgents mowing down US troops who joined bc they wanted free college and 10 percent off veterans deal for a sandwich lol

  22. Yay we can all enjoy playing at being American war criminals from the safety of our keyboards.
    For balance Is there an in game option to play as Iraqis and virtually kill some of the invading imperialist scum?

  23. Is the game going to come out on Xbox?

  24. This game is not based on real events, as America was crushed in Fallujah

  25. العراق 🇮🇶انا ابن فلوجهه🫂😂😂

  26. bom jogo, a movimentação dos soldados tinha que dar uma polida, mais graficamente esta top

  27. All play hidden and dangerous 2 is a simulation and free to play , after 19 years servers full

  28. Game looks insane, does look glitchy a little bit but I love how the gameplay and maps look

  29. Imagine if they can really climb up a wall that big that fast lol…with all that gear I’m sure they would’ve needed a leg up or a ladder…

  30. I hate listening to gamers talking like they are soldiers. Its cringe.

  31. Can people actually aim using iron sight over the scope like that?

  32. MACHOx3_theRealestateProcrastinatingGamecat! says:

    Not sure if you or someone you know has access to the DEVS., but i think its in tarkov maybe… When someone is shot or dying sometimes they scream… sometimes scream and cry to the point it freaking makes you feel that 1 you just really shot someone's limb off or 2 you or one of your brothers are in a lot A LOT of pain, its almost cringe but very visceral and REAL! It really brings out some emotion, This or something like this would make this game NEXT LEVEL in terms of realism of war! I HOPE Something like this is present in this game on release!

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