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Solo wargaming in 2021 is it worth the time and effort.


  1. Hi I use cards eg red for one side and black for other side to move fire etc.

  2. I prefer solo gaming. I've got a terrific club in my area and yet I've realized that 100% of the time I enjoy the solo games much more. I don't feel an "itch" to play though… I just run games whenever I feel like it, which could mean anything from a couple of games a month to a single game every couple months. I also don't find it embarrassing nor do I care whether it is "part of a hobby." I got out of "the hobby" more than two decades ago when I decided to stop following the ever-shifting trend of "new" games, "new editions" or whatever nonsense the local game store is hocking this week. I've got piles and piles of lovely vintage models with which I am always painting and running games… it's literally a lifetime of wargaming materiel. I'm lucky to have a local club that loves old wargames, but to be honest what you said is true: solo games are more immersive and more fun. Plus, you never have to worry about an overly competitive player or a bad sport or any other type of bad player… you have complete control to make the scenario you want, even asymmetrical battles where one side has a strong advantage… those are often terrific games that you could otherwise never get another player to try out! Plus in solo gaming you can take all the time you want to set up lavish terrain, lovingly painted models and make it all perfect, a bit like a hobby railroad guy would do. You just cannot do that with in person games. These days, I mostly use multiplayer games for socializing and cracking jokes and solo gaming for "real" wargaming.

  3. Good video, people who don't play solo don't know what they are missing out on! I agree with everything in this video, the Two Fat Lardies games work really well for solo as you never know what's coming next.

  4. Absolutely a valid way to wargame. Great vid!

  5. I play solo campaign wargaming simply because there is no one around me who is interested in wargaming and being disabled I can't get out much so playing and painting up the armies is all part of solo gaming .

  6. If you don't have a opponent or the time but you want to do something quick and fast there are a lot of good immersive solo board games where you can play a sub on a war cruise for 15 to 20 minutes and then back to real life for a while

  7. Solo gaming is also a good way to get a handle on the rules for a game and it teaches you also how to study, so when you go to the next game you'll read n understand the next rules better. (Of course that's assuming the next rulebook you read is not a piece of garbage)

  8. What ever side I'm playing is my favorite. Love laughing at myself when I realized when I get to the other side of the table 'oh look the dummy axis me left a hole here – exploit!!

  9. I first began solo gaming not just wargaming but also solo RPG gaming out of curiosity – now I prefer it 😎

  10. I've been playing Lock n Load tactical solo (not using the solo AI but playing the best on both sides), and I find it twice as fun because you get twice as much time with thinking of strategies and no wait time

  11. Back in the 70s, the hex and counter wargame magazines like The General, S&T and Moves sometimes commented on the fact that despite being almost NO games specifically designed for solo play (back then), about 90% of the comments they got about their published games were about players playing on their own. The idea that solo is weird or strange or unusual died 40 years ago.

  12. Yeah solo is a good way to learn a game. Keep the game small and add complexity as you play more games.

  13. Great video! Yeah, I entered this hobby very very late(I'm 47yrs old) All I know is "Solo" wargaming. Love it! Thank you for sharing. Take Care.

  14. Solo wargaming has been a part of my life since I started playing. GW's Blackstone Fortress has dragged me into the reality of the 41st Century, where there is only war. I'm now assembling three gangs from the Necromunda line and will start a campaign. Part of this is just the reality of the pandemic and that fact that niche games are harder to find live opponents for.

  15. Check out Two Hour Wargames. They have many solo designed wargame rules. I've been solo wargaming since the early 80s with B-17 and Ambush. I always enjoy your videos.

  16. Where do you get your warlord minis from (uk)? I have d-day firefight and a basic Russian army where i was going to play with someone but it didn't end up happening.

  17. Never done anything but solo. Due to a medical condition I can't really get out much so never joined a club. Did try to get my son into playing years ago but it wasn't for him. Skirmish games are easy to solo but I'd really like some kind of "solo engine" for running epics.

  18. I found solo games through GW during the lockdowns. I comment every so often so that they know there’s interest in it.
    I’m tired of the snobbery in local stores and online towards its. Treating it like a boardgame. Also I can play how I want with whatever I want. I’m not particularly competitive so the stomping is real. Keep up the great work.

  19. Great vid – I play all of Warlords games solo too, plus some of the other you mention.

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