Space: 1999 Season 1 Episode 4 War Games -

Space: 1999 Season 1 Episode 4 War Games

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Original UK Airdate: September 25, 1975 | Production Order 17


  1. This episode is better than I remember it back in 1975

  2. What I always found amazing is Barbara Baines Characteraracter always seems to be on the edge of a nervous matter what the situation. Happy sad tragic..doesn't matter what the situation.

  3. WHERE WERE YOU at september 13, 1999?? Like if that day remembered this show!!

  4. The best of science fiction, the existential drama that was addressed in this episode, about fear at all levels, but especially the fear of death was superb. This series is just fabulous.

  5. Hawk Vs. Eagle is rather like a Fighter jet Vs. a 757.

  6. Considering this was a TV show, it still has the best explosion in space ever done. None of this wimpy Star Wars or Star Trek explosions!

  7. Seems to me the ones most controlled by their fears are the blighters in charge of that planet!

  8. This is a powerful episode! One of the best!

  9. The black & white video monitors always crack me up. All this fictional tech, and no color screens? 😂

  10. That was some trippy stuff! Very Star Trek in execution and concept, but turning the dial up to 11. This is such a strange little show.

    Also, Victor needs to work on his bedside manner, "gods using us for their sport, perhaps?" You're a real comfort, bro. 😆

  11. It may sound funny but I not watch this episode since first aired in my country 45 years ago!
    Thank you !!!

  12. TEST BAKER 47:48 July 25, 1946 Bikini Atoll, Marshall Islands, Pacific Ocean. The world's first-ever underwater nuclear explosion. Spectacular. But at the same time…… terrifying. Look at that.

  13. Slowest lasers I ever saw. Kids on bicycles can go faster than those beams of light.

  14. @ 7:30 Oh no!! Not Blinking Laser Light like on my Starbird toy from 1979!! 😆😂🤣

  15. WE COME IN PEACE!! WHY DON'T YOU BELIEVE US! DAMN IT! DAMN YOU! lol. Yeah, sounds like the human race summed up right there lol. Now let's go and smash all your things to prove we come in peace OMGLOL.

  16. A super advanced civilization…..yet one little Zap from a ray gun….can cause complete destruction….with total nuclear obliteration!…..which the humans can survive!…okay….next episode!!

  17. so many people dying. I don't know how they could do two seasons….

  18. Wow…uhh…kinda quick on the trigger finger there, Moon Base Alpha…don't ya think?
    You just obliterated 3 alien spacecraft unprovoked, then turn around and say: "We got ourselves a war."
    The REAL Aliens will never accept Earthlings into The Federation of Xenomorphs for Universal Love, Brotherhood and Cuddles as long as we produce such declarations of Man's
    Infinite Idiocy as this.

  19. It's so strange to see this episode and its big space battle after the Battlestar 1999 fanedit in which the 1978 version of Battlestar Galactica circa "Greetings from Earth" in which the Mark IX Hawks are replaced with Cylon Raiders as the ragtag fugitive fleet of Galactica comes to Moonbase Alpha's rescue and comes closer to finding the Thirteenth Tribe and Earth.

  20. The only episode where the Eagles actually destroy other spacecraft.
    Which must suck for the Eagle pilots… as it never actually happened.

  21. I think in The Stranger by Camus. When you see the death is inevitable, ali your agony and fears end.

  22. Intelligent sci-fi, even if the science is hokey – it’s thought provoking.

  23. Loved how this episode led to a mythology connecting Space:1999 with UFO. Essentially the Hawk interceptors were designed as the next generation combat vessels rendering the original SHADO Moonbase Interceptors obsolete. However, just as mysteriously as they came, the UFOs stopped appearing (perhaps whatever looming disaster that caused them to assault Earth finally finished them off). Eventually, being expensive and having no real mission, the Hawks were mothballed or disassembled entirely, which is why Moonbase Alpha didn't have any. But all Moonbase Alpha personnel know their history.

  24. The aliens remind me of the Coneheads from SNL.

  25. And new heights of wooden acting Barb. I love it.

  26. One of my favorite scifi tv series when i was a kid. I'm still watching 50 years later.

  27. Childhood memories. Trip down memory Lane. From a Dane living in Sweden 😁

  28. Everyone knows Space: 1999 had strong and bad points, the worst point being the often atrocious story lines. With this episode it already started for me, decades ago, with these Hawk Mark Nines. WHERE did they come from? Of course the aliens got them telepathically from the minds of the Alpha crew members, but why didn't they think: Heeyyy THAT is weird, what are there Hawk fighters coming from this planet – lightyears from home? The huge Earth bomber? They immediately fell for it. Only at the end of the episode it became clear it only happened inside the mind of commander Koenig. It only lasted seconds in real time…. Still, it left a bit of a bad taste in my mouth. And this wasn't the worst episode.

  29. Now, after watching several of these episodes I am both reminded why and never got into it when it was on TV and much preferred (mostly) reruns of Star Trek, for instance. Although intriguing at times and almost there… the writers just left too many holes and made these episodes just a bit TOO cryptic. Cryptic can be good, but only to a point.

    Now having watched this again as a more educated (than when I was a kid) adult I've discovered that the error with this show (at least in my opinion/observation) is that you keep waiting for more data – more answers, to help fill in blanks and keep the story and interest progressing through the episode.

    Little interesting tidbits here and there but not enough "meat" – indeed, not enough data offered, as these episodes progress.

    Star Trek, on the other hand (maybe more so with The Next Generation?) still would keep you guessing and was poetic and cryptic enough (as well as insightful enough to offer to the viewer great lessons, sometimes prompting one to rethink their lives to improve things, etc.) yet just better executed (superior establishment of factors, etc.).

    As a time capsule, however, I do find these shows quite interesting.

  30. Wow this is one of the best episodes, i am so impressed at the way the characters are just so resilient, they are terrified but also show real grit. Also, anyone else impressed at just how chaotic the sets became? That's real fire there folks.. must have played havoc with the sets and cast.

  31. I love Space 1999, but if we check with the real science, ouffff Forget about that. One solar system per episode, oufffff When we know that Alpha Centauri is at 4,244 light years from us, and for the moon to get there it will take, more then 18000 years, unless it get the speed of, well, i imagine 10x the light of speed ot get there in 4 years? And our moon is derive at what speed??? Just a guest, It will probably take 10 to 20 years to get out our solar system… hihihi I love science fiction…

  32. Such a clever episode ,if you look closely you can see hints that the whole experience is nothing more than a dream the commander is having

  33. Interesting, virtual reality simulation before the idea entered the mainstream. I think this is one of the strengths of SF, the ability to explore the potential consequences of running society in a different way. Does being part of a communal mind, where any individual can craft any sort of ‘reality’ they want, for themselves or to share with others. Envisage a sort of composer who could craft a full sensorium that others can participate in, either as players in an ‘orchestra’ or a audience, or both simultaneously, every recital as different as performances of a Beethoven symphony.

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