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Special FORCES K*ILL Mythical Giant

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In August 2016, a YouTuber posted a lengthy interview with a military contractor identified only as Mr. K. In the interview, Mr. K claimed to have been present during the brutal sl*ughter of a k*ller he called the Kandahar Giant.

The k*lling of the giant, he said, took place during the height of Operation Enduring Freedom in 2002 when the military was engaged in fierce battles with the Taliban in their de facto capital in Kandahar Province during the U.S. invasion of Afghanistan. A group of soldiers went missing while on patrol in a remote mountain region of Kandahar, in the south of Afghanistan. And when they failed to make radio contact for some time, the military sent in a special ops unit to investigate, though the branch of the armed forces they belonged to was never confirmed.

Then, high up in the mountains, the unit came across a cave with scattered Army equipment around but no sign of the missing soldiers. And that’s when they chanced upon the Kandahar Giant.

The Kandahar Giant, Mr. K said, was 13 feet tall with fiery red hair, six fingers, and two sets of teeth. It even k*lled one of the Special Forces soldiers with a spear before the rest of the unit brought it down with 30 seconds of sustained gunfire. And after they radioed it in, the Army took away its corpse and has hidden it ever since.

After the troops k*lled the giant, they loaded it onto a Chinook helicopter, which carried it to a transport plane, where no one ever saw it again. The soldiers were forced to sign non-disclosure agreements so the government could keep them all quiet.

But eventually, the soldiers broke their silence because, as one of the men would later say, “the people have a right to know the truth.”


  1. The us army is proper full of shit haha

  2. Dark government tries to build army of giants. But giants are useless and counter productive.

  3. Yes the people need everybody needs to know the truth I’m not gonna lie

  4. Well the giant of gandshar here in afganistan is real its also from US experiments long time ago

  5. After 30 seconds of gunfire the giant sat up like the undertaker… then the sound of glass breaking and Stone cold Stone cold, he toss 3 cans of Coors to the giant and 30 seconds of stone cold stunner for the military.😂😂😂 🤷🏿‍♂️

  6. broi am 6 an i play with army man an i love them i got them on chimas an i got ww2 ones

  7. "The people"seem to have the right to be fooled.

  8. No seriously, through a friend I heard about this. His dad apparently served as a marine and on tour, they actually had to hunt down a classed: UnKnown Anomoly. in the night.

    Apparently locals keep disappearing along side sheep and cattle. When day hit, the only saw ruin of mutliplw vilages. People thaught it was surrounding Taliban. But wasn't because no one heard any guns. Only far off screaming.

  9. There are many things in this world that we do not know that exist or not, the government hides. They don’t want others to know, but one day we might find out, but we just be considered crazy.

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  11. It would not take 30 seconds of gunfire to take down what is essentially just a really tall guy

  12. Who believe this story despite we have googlemap🤨

  13. Well I cannot be mythical if he was truly there truly alive and they truly killed him.

  14. Honestly the only story that I really heard from that I believed to be somewhat true if you guys want to know in general that's probably more true than this one .

    It's the story Mr ballen had about a group of Marines who went to go hold trench and end up experiencing some paranormal stuffs,

    honestly I don't typically believe in the paranormal or really anything but what science has found true, I keep it 50/50 with the aspect of pretty much anything unknown,

    but that's only because I've had some weird scientifically unexplainable s*** happen to me at times lol 😂

  15. is that the fire giant in elden ring?

  16. FAKE ! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. Been waiting years for call of souls to come out finally!

  18. I know how to breed giants. Not heavy unfit giants but real warrior giants. My ancestors were such men. How their mother's breeded them, I know. They were not born of angels too. But mere men and women birthed them. This knowledge as been passed down since time immemorial and I have it with me now. Don't care whether you believe me or not…
    Research Mt Hagen Cultural Show, PNG🇵🇬🇵🇬🇵🇬, archive video files of 1960-1980's. Proove me wrong


  19. My dad's a veteran. Some times late at night i can hear him crying about all the giants they had to fight overseas 😢

  20. This is fake and anyone who thinks otherwise is a five year old

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