Stalingrad 1942 (Red Army 62nd Rifle Division) Call of Duty World at War - Part 4 - 8K -

Stalingrad 1942 (Red Army 62nd Rifle Division) Call of Duty World at War – Part 4 – 8K

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  1. I'm downloading World at war on my Xbox 1 but the update for the Xbox is moving painfully slowly.

  2. Vanguard: “Oh no we’re being invaded!”
    World at War: “Dear God… we’re exterminating each other.”

  3. They need to remaster this campaign for modern consoles.

  4. Growing up my mum never let me play CoD games, but my dad did and this was one of his favourites and one he insisted I should play. I think understand why.

  5. “Mark my words comrade,things will change,we will take the fight to their land their blood and their people”-Sgt Reznov 4:21

  6. I have call of duty 5 the japans is brutal

  7. "There is nothing we can do" -Napoleon and Reznov

  8. Reminds me of cod ww2 but not daniels this time

  9. Love the game, I hate how the Mg42 has the firerate of an Mg34 though

  10. Esse jogo me lembra muito Wolfesntein

  11. When COD had the balls to show true war. Now the franchise has turned into a Fortnite clone.

  12. What is the name of this game i have pc i can play it

  13. I remember this mission…. so exciting.

  14. bro they ripped this directly from "enemy at the gates"

  15. This game damn near made a normal ww2 shooter feel like a horror game with atmosphere and music. Well done

  16. Beating this shit on max difficulty involved using sgt. reznov as a weapon himself. You need to get him to move up, that was key.

  17. This is the remaster we need. People put a lot on cod 4 setting the tone, but WoW was just of a launchpad as this one. Back to back 🔥

  18. Four motors bombers over the Stalingrad?

  19. My father-in-law was a Soviet artillery officer at Stalingrad. He passed away 15 years ago.

  20. Да, всё в Сталинграде было гораздо хуже: на одном этаже в комнатах по соседству могли буквально располагаться немецкие и советские солдаты. Бои шли буквально за каждую комнату, этаж, дом, улицу. Это был ад. Прибавьте к этому гражданское население – не все жители смогли переправиться через реку и соответственно эвакуироваться. Город почти полностью бвл стёрт с лица земли, руины.

  21. I am so poor to be able to play this in 8K… Even though there is an option for that on my PC… It just cannot load 😓 To all you that could see this gameplay, I bet you experienced the amazement of it.

  22. Nice 🎮 Game….🎉
    & Perfect 👍 Background…..
    I am lesting 7 Master Sound speakers 🔊🎶…..

  23. this in my is kinda a prequel to black ops those two games back to back unstoppable

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