Star Wars™ Eclipse Open World Game by Quantic Dreams | New Details, Gameplay & Multiplayer (2023) -

Star Wars™ Eclipse Open World Game by Quantic Dreams | New Details, Gameplay & Multiplayer (2023)

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Star Wars Eclipse Open World Game by Quantic Dreams – New Details, Gameplay & Release Date (2023). The upcoming Star Wars Eclipse has started development at Quantic Dreams and Rumors are stating it may be Open World. Subscribe to BalboaMania:

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Weave your own STAR WARS™ story in STAR WARS ECLIPSE™.
Star Wars Eclipse™ is an intricately branching action-adventure game that can be experienced in many ways, and puts the destinies of multiple playable characters in your hands, created in collaboration between Quantic Dream and Lucasfilm Games.

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——-⏰ Timestamps ———
00:00​ – Star Wars Eclipse Open World Leak
01:51​ – Star Wars Eclipse Will Also Have Multiplayer
02:14 – How Star Wars Eclipse Open World May Work
03:03 – Quantic Dreams Not Using Previous Game Formula
03:36 – Development Time
04:04 – Star Wars Eclipse Gameplay
05:10 – 3 Upcoming Star Wars Games

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In this video we are discussing Star Wars Eclipse by Quantic Dreams the studio Behind Heavy Rain & Detroit Become Human coming to PS5, Xbox Series and PC. Star Wars Eclipse is still in active development and could be released in 2026-2028.

COMPOSE AN ORIGINAL STAR WARS™ STORY – With all-new characters and environments, you have the power to make countless moral and tactical decisions and create a story that is entirely yours. No two playthroughs will be the same thanks to many outcomes in this deeply branching narrative.


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  1. We need a remake or sequel to Jedi Knight Jedi academy

  2. I've been wanting a multiplayer star wars game in modern grahics for a while now I hope it has movie st lye multiplayer lightsaber combat.

  3. i hope you can be more than just jedi.I wanna see siths,jedi,mandos,bounty hunters,and even grey jedi

  4. I would love to a star wars game that let's us create you own character or have some form of a customization, playing established characters is great and exciting but there not much connection on a personal or micro level, take Cal kestis from Jedi 1 and 2 I love playing the characters but what if I could put myself or my brother or sister in that world our own story… I don't mind playing as established characters but they let star wars open itself up bit.

  5. WHY is there always this GRUELING and incredibly enormous wait time for games and movies? Meanwhile we’re stuck with crap that should never have been made, or just little tid bit teasers like Jedi Survivor showing what should have been done all along but with completely open world and customization options; like making your own character in an awesome canonized setting! I’m tired of Gaming vicariously through pre maid characters where there’s only soo much you can do before shelving the game because your sick of playing the same scenario over and over again. Everyone is pretty much on the same page in terms of what they favor best in Gaming and that’s open world, awesome story and moded player choice and customization to make it indefinitely replayable so developers should just follow the damn formula and cut the sickening procrastination! 😳🤦🏻‍♂️/👌✌️🤲☝️😇

  6. I’m honestly glad that EA owned the starwars title for a bit cus it gave time for the other developers to not rush there game like they would have if ea never owned it

  7. personally I don't like multiple choice games, but if they make an immersive open world, I would love to play it

  8. Need to have a create a character where you can have all alien races possible cuz I would love to have a twi'lek Jedi like aayla secura

  9. It probably going meh woke Disney star wars poorly written generic soulless garbage story with baseball bat lightsaber fights and watered down force abilities

  10. QD has some legendary games released (indigo prophecy aka Fahrenheit, Heavy Rain etc). Their design, ideas and gameplay are unique and it would be a big step switching field.
    Guerrilla Games were known for making fps games and they created one of my fav games out there, Horizon Zero Dawn, both in Sony exclusives for years so I do have faith QD will deliver a great game as well.

  11. We need starwars galaxy remade that was epic on pc loved everything about it

  12. Ubisoft makes incomplete games and their online servers are legendary trash.

  13. The open world project is called project helix, eclipse is something else

  14. so much speculation…. this kind of video hurt me ! they never hit expectations with " Ammbisshoooous" stuff. what can i say… hope is true and let's see what we will get

  15. Starwars galaxies pre cu type vibe PLEASE >>>>>>>

  16. Too much hype, usually means…well…don't hate me for that but i don't expect much. Same thing happened with Squadrons, people got hyped and when it arrived, disappointment. Yeah, fancy graphics and all but what's so important about the drummers ???

  17. man, we don't want a multiplayer game…. multiplayer kills the game over the years to come, servers being shut down etc…. we want a remarcable single player, like jedi academy, dark forces, force unleashed, fallen order, jedi survivor, jedi outcast…. extremelly good games with no multiplayer… this is what we want…… multiplayer give us dead games, like galaxies, clone wars adventures, even Battlefront 2015 and battlefront 2… abandoned server games

  18. im excited for this game! I think they cancelled developing swkotor

  19. Jedi survior it needs to be close to it or better

  20. I don't know if you know this or not, but your video keeps flipping between from Star Wars: Eclipse and some Police game, if this video is suppose be video of the new Star Wars game, then it should be of the Star Wars game itself and not this police game.

  21. I want an no man sky version of Star Wars where you can build an army and fleet at your command. Then compete or join against people online

  22. An offline Galaxies type game would be cool

  23. Now I'm confused because I thought it was ubisoft making an open world starwars game

  24. plz don't be an open world mmorpg i would hate seeing like dozens of people running around with light sabers😂

  25. But will there be full character customization?🤔

  26. At the end there, she did the forbidden move that not even a sith would do

  27. i would hate it if it was like Detroit fr, I'd rather just go watch a movie at that point

  28. I wanna play our old heroes,Luke,Han,Vader,Leia,with different paths and choices,i mean yeah it willbe a great game but…i have enough 1000 years before shit,i wanna play a great 4-6 Game

  29. What we want is Rockstar to make this game throw in some Bethesda and a few Other Game Giants and I’ll still wait till it goes on sale to buy it .

  30. I thought Starwars Eclipse was a game about SpongeBob

  31. Re-wamp Star Wars Galaxies and you have the best SW game ever made

  32. I’m hoping the gameplay is similar to that of vanilla Jedi Academy or even better Movie Battles 2. The lightsaber dueling in both of those is awesome

  33. We have Star Wars Outlaws from Ubisoft next year ! I will take as many Star Wars games as possible.

  34. What consoles? I have Xbox one and series s

  35. Knowing it's the Detroit: Become Human team makes me less excited for this game, if it's not an open world, character creator, action adventure then it will likely suck. Also, since western games have become a woke mess, i've lost interest in them alltogether and much prefer eastern games as they aren't pushing that agenda and we still have Males being Masculine and Females being Feminine, unlike the west where a character like Vi in Arcane who should have clearly been played by a male character and been a Brother to Jynx was instead a female character acting masculine, which is offputting, same for Ellie and now Aloy has joined that bandwagon. Western games make me puke lately.

  36. I’d actually rather it was nothing like Detroit become human. Star Wars should be a game where you fully control your character. Not just watching your character and pressing a few buttons from now and then and walking around. Count me out if it has the same system as Detroit become human 🤘🏼

  37. Idk why this would be so “shocking” you are all aware (including uploader of the video) QD did Omikron, are you not? That was an “open-world” game and to this day is still an absolutely amazing video game, that many of us (including myself) would love to still see an Omikron 2.

    With everything QD has done, I wouldn’t even be slightly shocked at anything.

    They are literally one of the best companies out there. Name one bad video game that has their logo on it etc.

    Every game they have made, delivered, sold very well, and usually always have had very impressive idk everything, cinematic angles etc (Fahrenheit: Indigo Prophecy, to this day has some of the greatest multiple camera angles ever done in a video game) to the mo caps.

    Truly a great company and I know they will deliver with this game. Open world or not, just saying, I don’t see it being anything of a “challenge” for them.

    This is literally their type of game.

    Omikron has a lot of “weird” stuff and “bars” etc you could walk into and just idk it was a unique game.

    Star Wars has a very unique atmosphere as well. I’m sure they could pull this game off as an open world without any issues.

    Omikron was pretty much 3 games in 1. A third person “open world” game, where you walked around freely being able to do missions, chill in your apt, go to bars etc.

    The 2nd aspect or game within it was the 1st person shooter “segments” which literally made you play from an FPS perspective making it it’s own “game” so to speak.

    The 3rd aspect was the 1v1 fighting lol like Tekken, yah again your entire perspective would change to a Tekken-type game, you would have combos like a fighter game etc.

    The game was BONKERS, now MIX that with EVERYTHING they have done after (the Fahrenheit’s, two souls, heavy rains etc) I’m 100000000% they will pull this game off.

    QD and David Cage are just absolutely f’en brilliant!

    Since then beginning they have done NOTHING but get better and grown. From their games to the actual company itself. 👏 ❤️ 🎉

  38. Heavy Rain and Detroit were good games. I'm interested to see what they do with this game. Far more interesting than the cringe Outlaws game that's coming out. I have no interest in that one.

  39. For me its disappointing.Because quantic dream changed their style of making games.

  40. As a person who never watches any Star Wars franchise, I'll love to start exploring it from this game!

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