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Star Wars Games – Angry Video Game Nerd (AVGN)

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In this episode, the Nerd reviews a handful of Star Wars games. There have been many incarnations of the original trilogy and in this episode the Nerd reviews the different variations from the  Atari 2600 attempt to recreate the arcade experience, to the Famicom game only released in Japan (for good reason).

 The  NES and SNES also had their own versions in the 90s that are featured and are surprising improvements over the others. That being said they are still equally as frustrating. The Nerd also reviews  Star Wars and The Empire Strikes Back on NES, as well as the far superior (but way harder) “Super Trilogy” on SNES published by JVC and THQ. With special appearance of the Beer Droid. This is Angry Videogame Nerd episode 99


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  1. this is by far in my top 5 avgn..still makin my list.been a fan since the website days..

  2. screen wave took over in the future, help us old James, you’re our only hope

  3. Am I tripping or was that gametrailer/screwattack intro music from Jojo?

  4. He mentioned all but the best. Old republic

  5. I'm surprised you never did a movie review on the Ewok movies (since you love the Starwars universe)

  6. There should be a star wars games part 2 some day.

  7. Greetings from 2021.

    Don't mind me, I'm just baked and passing through for the bit where Vader turns into a scorpion.

  8. 3 mistakes that generous. IRL you get one and after that you’d rather die.

  9. 4:19 "This is Atari, I know it's going to go boom." Tickles me to no end.

  10. 6:50 is it just me or did anyone notice that Darth Vader looks like Muso from InuYasha????

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