Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic Remake - PlayStation Showcase 2021 Trailer | PS5 -

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic Remake – PlayStation Showcase 2021 Trailer | PS5

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  1. PlayStation: "A legend, remade on PS5."
    Everyone: "On a console that nobody can get their hands on."

  2. Thanks You For Watching By Star War in The World?! Goodbye?! \(★_★)//

  3. … Ps5 exclusive, I guess 5 people will really enjoy this.

  4. Is this for real? No jokes. If it is…. I’m buying it. I would love to play as Darth Revan on ps5.

  5. Sam Maggs, who says The Last Jedi is the best movie, will be writing the script. May the force help us all…

  6. Hope this isn't a ps5 exclusive. That would be a betrayal that would make Palpatine blush.

  7. Bestie lemme know when ur droping that Bastila cinematic

  8. Owh boy so glad i finally got the ps5 after a year of waiting

  9. So what was an Xbox exclusive is now going to ps5. And it’s the remake. And it’s not coming to Xbox. Great

  10. I'd love to fight Darth revan on PS4

  11. Well, itll be on PC aswell but what ever. What I want to know is if this is a remake of KotOR 1 or will they do 1 and 2 simlutaniously…I know they can compress alot more now than they did 20 years ago.

  12. revan lightsaber was purple not red lol

  13. The other SW games from the turn of the century should get this, too.

  14. Anyone familiar with the og game could explain briefly what's this gamw about and what should i expect?

  15. Hey guys I am soo hype I play the game before but didn’t beat it I will buy this game even though I know wants gonna happen in half the game

  16. Ummm Xbox made KOTOR, this needs to be on XBOX.

  17. Lol can't wait to swing a viroblade at a door and miss.. but seriously best sw games ever.

  18. Esto marcará un antes y un después en los juegos de Star wars por fin algo digno.

  19. Would look kinda sweet over on Xbox as well, Aspyr 👀
    Kinda would make you more money and give you more appreciation if you allow all platforms to experience this to-be beautiful game.

  20. Expectations are as low as they can be for this.

  21. Star wars the old republic was kinda better

  22. “I am Revan reborn. And before me, you are nothing.”

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